2019 Summer Tournament

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Lirael, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Why k/a again. Boring war type
  2. I hope those are all weekdays so I can't be tempted to cast.
  3. Wars should be same time every day.. we get your trying to accommodate all kawers... this isnt the way, THIS is a disaster lol
  4. One time will always favour some and disadvantage others. I think mixed times is the fairest way as everyone gets at least one good time. I've committed to doing 2am-8am wars before for asw so I'm sure people can manage this.
  5. Different times allows more fairness and also possibly more inactives but lets do it anyways. Ppl who are serious to war will make themselves available. GL ALL
  6. Yh if you can't commit to 2 hours for 3 wars don't war. People who go inactive should get long ss and a ban from next season war.
  7. Make a seperate spell for wc/trks for this tournament so all teams have a commander and tracker and give them more rewards regardless for a win or loss for time spent
  8. Good idea but wouldn't work. Issue is people would sign up for a role for greater rewards and even if that got reverted it would throw off the matchmaking in advance.
  9. Yea another all dive bomb lb war great work need hit restriction war are so much better force people to hit in there range these wars a joke everyone dive bomb tops and mids plunder what’s the point anymore?
  10. Yep! Snooze fest for 90-95% of the participants
  11. Bring back old war colours to IOS, all red is disgusting.

    And good job leaving keeping it kingdoms and allies, just like the good old days before you broke the game introducing charms
  12. Enjoy the boredom at war whomever takes part , I certainly won’t cast
  13. Contemplating sitting this one out too, first war event I’ll be missing.
  14. Agreed KOS. At least turn on HR.
  15. GJ making timings better for people that dont live in America :)
  16. I agree with this also reinstate CA access
  17. I think open PS was a problem not only for last round of wars, but also for many previous wars as well. I still remember we had an open PS -venom- leak over 800 attacks last spring war. The enemy plunder jumped 10 trillion in one 5 minute update. It was really really disheartening to see one person solo lose the war for their team. There were people spamming and tracking repins for 2 hours just for an open ps to ruin everything. I get that there are punishments but I feel like a shattered sword really doesn’t really do much in terms of a punishment.

    Honestly, implementing some feature like not allowing ps to cast could be nice. An active and fast hansel is much better than an active and fast ps in war since they can sit repins and dive troops on a top, killing 15% of their full bar of troops at start and 1.5% every regen. It doesn’t sound like much but it really adds up over a 2 hour war. It’s just really demoralizing knowing that you as an individual can have a limited effect on actually winning the war, even if you track and wc well, where one person on your side that opens as a ps can ruin all the efforts of you and your team

    TL:DR open ps is a big headache in this war, shattered sword isn’t a punishment that is even comparable in magnitude of wasting 100 people’s time, and to consider not letting PS cast unless they go hansel as a possible solution.
  18. Again not proper timing for summer wars
  19. IMO getting a shattered sword from one seasonal war should disqualify you from the next. 1mo didn't seem long enough to me.
  20. Only top 20.000 players? I have to triple my CS size last time just to get to the spring tournament. Also, if we won both spring and summer tournament does the emoji accumulates too? (Hopefully)