2019 Summer Tournament v2

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  1. Do your really think they would get it right then? Third time a charm? Fat chance unless their income in jeopardy
  2. I appreciate that you believe that compensation is fair however consider the anxiety brought to us. 2x general chest is nothing for 4 hours waiting for this all to sort itself out
  3. what about us that casted for the summer war and never got placed? do we not get compensated? do we not get to participate in v3?
  4. What time do we have to leave our clan by to compete?
  5. Unfortunately it has been said that the same teams will participate in the preliminaries and rosters are locked.

    I guess you won’t have the possibility to participate
  7. That's bogus I don't waist my time/gold and take off early from work to just not be placed due to some glitch now I have to miss out on a chance to upgrade my avatar! I casted soon as we were able to yesterday and had to re cast minutes before for some odd reason then just never got placed 
  9. Wtf i didnt post that
  10. I did tho suggest respond faster(in other words)
  11. Only got 1 lvl of ee from the compensation
  12. Yes, only level 1 EE here
  13. I sent in a ticket. They said if you started with no EE, you only get 1 level of EE.
  14. For future seasonal tournaments:
    I’m thinking I’d rather this format:

    Sat 8 am - prelim
    Sat noon - semis
    Sat 4 pm - finals.

    Get the whole Tournament done in 1 day and get it over with.

    Be easier to schedule.
    No need to be stuck in a war clan all weekend missing out on event progress.

    Edit: Additionally over 2 weeks prior notice would be best so we can schedule our lives, regardless of what war schedule you are using. The Wednesday 2 weeks and 2 days before the start.
  15. Thank you devs. This compensation is closer to what we should have received last weekend. War chests, and a seal are a great improvement.
  16. Bs, i started with ee lvl 1 lost it due to that shambles of a war and only got comp bk to lvl 1. So in reality you dont get 2 ee levels as comp its bs
  17. When will we be reinserted into our original clan for tomorrow’s rescheduled preliminary. I don’t have a way to cast.
  18. When will us that casted and didn't get placed get placed?
  19. Same with me