2019 Summer Tournament v2

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Lirael, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. The winners of this round won 100 2019 Summer medailions, will we be able to keep this ?
  2. Failed Food Wars of 2019. Absolutely PATHETIC. If you can't manage a war in a war game, at least don't embarrass the players with cream puff clan names. It's the LEAST you ppl can do, Kingdoms of Kream Puffs!
  3. Someone explain to me why the comp rewards for this mishap, are significantly better than last weekend? This war didn’t even get off the ground, and last weekends was in the semi’s...how uhhh...how does that add up chief?
  4. u tried too hard to sound smart shut up
  5. The reality is, ata only cares about collecting their checks no matter how sorry the code they wrote is, ever hear of testing? Making sure code works BEFORE your release it rather than making us your beta testers?
  6. Why winners get 2xtal and 100 medallion on a glitched war while us losers didn’t get any?
  7. What about us that casted and never got placed in a clan? We get nothing?
  8. Can’t wait for ASW—-SMH

  9. this
  10. Can you make a new thread so it’s easy find and players don’t get confused
  11. Give us soverien token!
  13. Agree 100% after 4+ hours of **** ups
  15. Just cancel again and run next weekend
  17. 1 sov token would be nice
  18. Be nice if us that casted and didn't get placed could get some answers
  19. Please eelt usbhave the option to leave, I have zero desire to war at this point because of how poorly this has all been done