2019 Summer Tournament v2

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Lirael, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Casted twice never got placed 
  2. In clan. Cast mith. Cast woc. Can’t hit. Can’t do nuthin
  3. Hi devs I am in clan but cant war, unable to hit opposing players, any comments on this issue? Thanks
  4. Devs here it’s 3:49 i am up from last 2hr, now i am unable to ht in war my activity is not active in war.
  5. Once & twice cast mithril and only waste I cant join in a war. Whats goin on????
    Waste Mithril and time.
  6. I cant join the war???
  7. Lirael, whatever u and ur apes have to say I don't care. Fool me once shame on u, fool me twice, shame on me. This will not happen again.

    Save ur explanations. No one cares
  8. Let us leave these damn clans I am done trying to do this stupid war
  9. As everyone is no doubt aware we ran into issues again with the summer tournament. This is what we will be doing:

    With the same clans, we will be re-doing the prelim round Saturday at 11 AM and the semi-final will be Sunday at 8 AM, which were the original times the semi-final and final rounds were scheduled. We will then be adding the final round on Sunday at 1 PM.

    Everyone will also be comped with the following:

    100 Mithril
    2 Chest of the General
    2 General's Key
    1 Chest of the Conqueror
    1 Conqueror's Key
    1 furniture chest
    1 furniture key
    1 Sotd
    2 EE levels
    10 Health crystals
    300 Silver bar
    150 Deepmine crestplate
  10. You posted 150 DM crestplates twice?
  11. Issues!!!!!! you guys couldn't get laid in a brothel
  12. So that's it I never got placed wtf
  13. Fixed, thanks.
  14. I didn't notice any issues.. What's everyone crying about?
  15. Is that ee compo in addition to the ee we lost in these messed up wars?
  16. Seriously? Is this what this game has come too? Award us for ATA's inept behavior? Look, if ur gonna give out free stuff, furnish me to max if this is going to continue

    I. As many others, wanted to war. And, just like last weekend, we sat around like fools waiting for war. Can U guarantee all of us this will not happen again? Yes, that's a rhetorical question.
  17. I want more DM tokens and some Fatesland also
  18. Woc will need to be fixed as it is for semifinals right now

    Thanks devs
  19. Another thing which the developers have messed up. Anyone else get the feeling there is nothing they can do.. right.
  20. Thank you @Lirael - this compensation, although hefty, doesn’t make up for the complete loss that most players expended. Moreover, the reputation that this brings to the table creates a distrust in the developers of the game and makes players weary of actually participating in further PvP events. I suggest that the code is tested through many other avenues before deploying and having further incidents such as the ones that have happened in the last 2 events occurring again.