2019 Summer Tournament v2

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Lirael, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. This is getting ridiculous. I mean how stupid can you be? How much can you mess something up that you should be a pro? This is crap. Cancel it and say something please devs
  2. Looks as though you are still having problems, twice now I have re-arranged my schedule to be able to participate, wish you'd get your act together extremely disappointed :evil:
  3. This is what piss ppl off, total mute, not a word
  4. Disbanded....again
  6. Can't way ASW tournament 
  7. Turning into a circus now been through 3 clans already and 3 clans disbanded maybe you developers should redo the redo! :evil:
  8. Still no, SRY WE MESSED UP!!!!!!
  9. Devs totally psyched you all out!

    Well played devs.
  10. Omg, what the hell. I'M WHY AM I NOT IN WAR? good time to disappear devs. Any grade lower than an "F"?
  11. Tracking a war which I can't take part in. Thanks Devs :)
  12. Exact same problem as last time. Amazing
  13. :lol: Trash get good at ur jobs
  14. I cannot hit anyone else, I can hit Guild.. I made 95B that are not showing anywhere cause I am not even in the WR... but in Clan

    CR38 it says Inactive... WhY better not get a BRoken Sword
  15. Nothing?
    Sry for the mess up..
    We working on things..
    Thats all you need to say