2019 Summer Tournament v2

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Lirael, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Same
  2. Can you update us, or we going for v3... this isn’t hard
  3. Already 1 hr late. This is not the time i signed up for...
  4. what is really going on?
  5. I heard it's V4 now?
  6. You can see the anger in World chat right now.. imagine if they take the PC game down... and accidentally kill Kaw 
  7. We been talking about this, give ppl info whats going on and avoid lot of crap
  8. Any official statement would be really helpful lol. What a mess...
  9. Same
  10. I just recasted...closed app and reopened it. Old matchup cc is gone now and it says matchups in 45mins....give it a try.
  11. Maybe see if the normal 25v25 roster limit wasn’t taken off
  12. 100% agree
  13. Devs, there cannot be any war tonight. Time to face that and inform us in a new thread. Good night all, moving back to a clan, trust not becoming inactive in a crazy war.
  14. Yup. Don’t bother matching. People turning phones off. Will be many inactives
  15. There are gonna be loads of inactives
  17. Just got reassigned...cast mithril spells...then disbanded again. There were people in the clan who didn’t even cast WOC and they got assigned lol