2019 Summer Tournament v2

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  1. They will be removed between rounds.
    So if you have a cheater on your team intentionally leak, all your clan has to do is WIN anyway...
    then and only then will the cheater be removed from your clan and be prevented from further cheating.
    Devs, your solutions are almost worse than the problems.

    So in conclusion, your solution is to only allow cheaters to cheat once, instead of multiple times if they fail at cheating. Haha.
  2. Thank you Kezzer for the graphics, though very hard to read in forums. But saved me the time from doing it.
    I did originally misread your point about the Pillars being the reward for the finalists.

    The ‘considerable amount extra’ is still a joke though. 100 Deepmine tokens that are useless to some. And 1 Banner token for a banner that some could care less about. I use that banner, but it takes 3 tokens to upgrade it, so 1 extra doesn’t amount to much.

    These ‘compensations’ amount to a Vegan winning a free hamburger. One that is non transferable.
  3. No worries I don't represent the Devs at all when I say I passed on those figured and why I think they are fine. I understand some players won't like the compensation while others were happy with them. Hopefully this won't happen again so hopefully more compensation won't be necessary in the future
  4. Why not simply „freeze“ bfa for all war participants as soon as signup is over? So hiring allies would be impossible during system wars.
    Also disable item sell in marketplace during war and voila...ps issue solved.
    Ok they can still „open up“ with successful steals...but those amounts are cleared pretty quick.

  5. I respect the turn around time. My concern is that okay. They get dropped after. If you lost cause of the cheat you still lose out. I say if my team loses cause there was a cheat those who lost get put into the clans that were left to still war.
  6. Let us pray you get this one right
  7. Gonna be fun
  8. How hard is it to put one mod, or the highest ranked player in clan-to kick those who leak on purpose? At least until whatever fix your working so slowly on is ready?
  9. Hope ppl have learned how to sko after last weekends drama..
  10. Why not allow us smaller players that used legitimate methods that the devs created to even the playing field a bit to use our charms/rewards bonuses in the war?

    You always only care about the few lbs that are lcbc and have massive amount of allies.
  11. Put me as over lord over the war. Give me power to kick ps leakers of all clans. I will be honest and fair player to everyone
  12. What kind of clan names are these for a war game. Taking us for kids?
  13. Summer war V3 when?
  14. July 2020
  15. Devs please update us asap
  16. Just booted from the clan 
  17. So what now? I used mithril to cast my spells.
    Now that we are being moved i don't get it back if I win? What is this. At the very least can I be compensated for the mithril
  18. This is not right 
  19. yall suck so bad 
  20. Debacle...was in a clan...clan disbanded...got msg saying can’t be reassigned because I was in a clan...recast woc...now says signups over...great job.