2019 Summer Tournament v2

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  1. Update 4:18 PM: As everyone is no doubt aware we ran into issues again with the summer tournament. This is what we will be doing:

    With the same clans, we will be re-doing the prelim round Saturday at 11 AM and the semi-final will be Sunday at 8 AM, which were the original times the semi-final and final rounds were scheduled. We will then be adding the final round on Sunday at 1 PM.

    Everyone will also be comped with the following:

    100 Mithril
    2 Chest of the General
    2 General's Key
    1 Chest of the Conqueror
    1 Conqueror's Key
    1 furniture chest
    1 furniture key
    1 Sotd
    2 EE levels
    10 Health crystals
    300 Silver bar
    150 Deepmine crestplate

    Summer Tournament v2

    Thanks for your patience while we sorted out the issues with the Summer war tournament. We have implemented the following changes:
    • Players are unable to leave their war clans until they have lost or the tournament is over. We will disband clans following each round
    • Players who were reported for cheating last weekend have been given shattered swords for one month or longer and are not allowed to participate for this tournament


    • [*]Date: July 19-21st
      [*]Time: Varies depending on round (below times all Pacific time)
      • First round: July 19, 2 PM
      • Second round: July 20, 11 AM
      • Final round: July 21, 8 AM
      [*]Initial Sign-Up: Starts at 4:00 pm PST on July 18th and ends at July 19, 1 PM (players have ~21 hours to sign up) - note matchups will take several minutes, so don't panic if you aren't put in a clan immediately!
      [*]War Length: 2 hours
      [*]War Type: Kingdom and Allies Only (No DTW/DTS)
      [*]Crystals usable: 2
      [*]# of teams: 8
      [*]Max clan size: 100
      [*]Total max player size: 800
      [*]Minimum Player Rank: 20,000


    • [*]Only 1 account per player
      [*]Players cannot be inactive for any of the wars
      [*]Players cannot leak
      [*]Players cannot mole
      [*]Players must remain in their clan until their clan loses or the tournament is over

    Rewards (for the winners):
    • 750 Silver Bars
    • 10 Health Crystals
    • 1000 Deepmine Tokens
    • Sovereign Lion Wall
    • Stone Lion - Right
    • Quatrefoil Stained Glass Windows
    • Sword of the Lion
    • Achievement: 2019 Champion of Summer
    • Summer Emoji around your name
    • Banner of the Sovereign Lion (if you don't already have one)
    • 3 Sovereign Tokens

    Players who do not win will still receive rewards, but will get fewer rewards.

    ***NOTE*** The rewards will be given out on July 23rd, which will allow customer support time to remove any players who have broken the rules or abused the system.
  2. Thank you for the effort put into fixing the issues. I look forward to warring against fellow KaWers. Hopefully this time everyone can have a good time and good luck to all participating. May the best clan win.

  3. So all fine and dandy. And good that you banned the known cheaters from playing. But a couple problems. The ones you didn’t catch. Any action against them will be after the fact now and if I am placed in a clan that has a mole or leaker I will still suffer. The community offered some good ideas around the whole ps thing. Why not adopt some?
  4. When do we get compensation? What u gave us was what we would have got either way. Some people took time off work to do these wars. You guys messed up and need to pay for it.
  5. Let’s hope match making/rosters are more balanced this time. Doubtful but I have hope
  6. War war war
  7. Its copy paste from last post eh,
    So ps still allowed with allies open or strip still can ruin these summer war sigh
  8. PS should not be allowed to cast or can only leak when stealing during war or ko someone successfully. They can’t drop ally to leak or drop pots. They can’t be strip during war also Thank you
  9. If you took work off to participate in a war, on a game, you should get a life dude.
  10. You guys got the finalist rewards with extra on top less the pillars. People need to stop spreading this lie that they only got what they earned.
  11. So signups start on July 18th and end on July 11th do we get a Delorean when we sign up!!!
  12. You can signup through July 11th 2020, even if the war is over u can still get participation points
  13. So. Lets just ignore the ps issue because we banned the ones from last time. Sounds legit, lol.
  14. We clearly did NOT receive a finalist reward. Champions will get 4 furniture pieces, Second place (other finalist) will get 3. Those involved in Saturday’s mess only received 2. There are other discrepancies, but 3 greater than 2 should be easiest for people to grasp. And the only extra bonus was maybe 100 silver bars which is useless to most players involved.
  15. Like I said you got everything from the finalist rewards and more in some cases less the pillars.

    Here is something I literally just put together to prove this.

    As you can see you got this increase over finalist rewards:
    • +3 xtals
      +50 silver bars
      +100 deepmine plates

      -1 Pillars
      +1 crux chest
      +1 lotstone (plunder chest upgrade item)
      +1 royal chest (not much we all know)
      +1 royal key

    As you guys never earned the finalist rewards but had a chance at it and at the champion rewards too you were compensated to reflect that and then extra on top.

    Also here are the rewards weighted on the odds of winning each round assuming 50/50 odds in each round.

    As you can see the finalist rewards are equal or better than the weighted odds so that's where the compensation appears to come in.

    Also a key point that people are missing is that the sovereign tokens are limited to this year afaik so a max of 12 was obtainable. Those who got the compensation this weekend can get up to 14 overall making it far easier to get a really powerful banner.

    Genuinely I understand people gave up time to participate but at the same time people were given compensation and the only thing they didn't get was the top 2 pieces of equipment which was necessary to make it fair on those who actually do well this weekend coming up.
  16. I am so glad that some people received the correct reward’s and more according to Kezzer. But I can assure you that I DID NOT although I was a Semi finalist. Needless to say I won’t be wasting my time participating this weekend.
    • +3 xtals
      +50 silver bars
      +100 deepmine plates

      -1 Pillars
      +1 crux chest
      +1 lotstone (plunder chest upgrade item)
      +1 royal chest (not much we all know)
      +1 royal key

    Idk about anyone else, but 3 xtals, silver bars, and plunder chests aren’t what I’d consider fair compensation. Also a royal chest, which I’ve got over a hundred of. Yay!

    No one even got their wasted mith back.

    Also, it’s pretty high and mighty of you to bring up fairness, when the truly fair thing to do would be to either:
    1. Have ONLY the semi finalists from last weekend war the semi final and final wars. Not start the tournament over from scratch, giving the opportunity for more alts/moles/leaks/cheaters to get in on the action; OR
    2. Give all semi finalists top rewards.

    Another point on fairness: the rules were that if you leave the clan, you can’t come back. So why was KAOS let back in? That’s not fair.

    The chances of the same people participating again are much lower, because now we know that devs have no respect for our time. It wasn’t just an hour delay. We wasted hours and hours of time, as well as the opportunity to be doing other things (participate in NK, for example). We were stuck in a war clan instead of being able to chase items to stay on the LB.
  17. My post is just showing how the rewards are a tier above where you earned or better. Idk much about the KAOS situation and I'm not going to get it as that's not what my point is about. You guys never actually warred the 2nd round so I am using the values below as the values you had earned as people keep saying the devs gave you what you had already earned.

    As you can see the rewards over what you had earned already are even better than the ones I previously listed so the devs gave out plenty of compensation. The majority of players wouldn't be out chasing NK and still had the chance to do premium ebs in the war clans if they so wished. I understand all frustration but when you look at the amount the devs gave extra it is a considerable amount over what you already earned and like I have said earlier those sovereign tokens being given out is a huge compensation as they are limited in the amount you can earn.

    A key point is people always want more compensation than they deserve and that's why the compensation always seems less than those affected feel they deserve. It happens all the time in court cases.
  18. Well said! Thank you.

    Just to summarize what I dislike most:

    -lack of communication from ata: 300 players were left standing in the rain for about 3-4 hours without ANY statement from devs

    -lost mith

    -bad/way to low compensation

    -restart of tournament sucks because we already won the first round and now we gotta start all over again?

    -ignoring all the other issues that have been mentioned. Instead of reacting on valks very good suggestions it has not even been commented.

    Why not just disable ally-purchase and item-selling during wars at all? Can’t be that hard.
  19. This time we will be more strict and drop players who are caught cheating in between rounds.

    Also, the reason we decided not to change any PS mechanics is because the tournament is starting so soon. We are considering several different methods and will be trying them out in the wars in the future, and possibly the ASW as well if the change is well received.