2019 Summer Tournament Rework

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  2. 101% support
  3. The issue with ATA have no respect of their players. This event been going on for years. This game almost 10 years. Yet a seasonal event they always screwed up. They don’t owned their mistake and improve about it. They never think that most players clear all their weekend schedule just to have fun in war that a game they enjoy. They have no consideration of the players. KAW game itself is good game in my opinion. The issue is more how this game management does to its players. They have no respect to their loyal players. They kept promising to improve this seasonal war and fix the issues. Deep down we players knows that the same thing will happen again or worst. They have a very poor management to improve the game and run it smoothly. Anyone think that what happen this weekend or the previous war screws up will not happen next event. They are lying to themselves. As long they have the same incompetent management the game will just stay where it is or get worst.
  4. Seriously devs is that the reward the stuff we was meant to get......
    You didnt even compensate us for mith used or anything.
    Should have known you wouldnt give us a reward ATA SUCKS BALLS SO ANGRY and because ur mess up i cant do next week as im on holiday SO WD ATA YET AGAIN YOU NO HOW TO MAKE PPL HAPPY
  5. im not happy with the compensation.

    i took halfday from work for this semi-final war.

    I spent hours staying awake, eyes glued to the game when i could have done RL stuff.

    I used miths, sealed for NK while in war clan when i could have used it to NK clan to earn gold.

    The time I spent but just wasted.

    getting two pieces furniture compensation which I will just dismantle to upgrade is not sufficient for all the trouble.

    At least, give us something better.
  6. Does this mean I get to participate next weekend? hmm
  7. No good ATA...my life doesn't fit your schedule. Get off your bum and do things right. We don't make money off your mistakes...
  8. Bad compensation. Thank you for nothing AtA
  9. So bascially we redo the whole tournament
  10. I see your point and im with you, but i mean its not like we or our enemy clan had an open ps. We had a tough fight and i think thats a point too. I had luck being in an clan without ps, but what happens next week? If my clan has an open ps is this more fair?
  11. Yes had a tough fight, your cc is filled with red update and yet u won coz our open ps,if no open ps maybe a fair fight?
    But its ok we acceped our loss and we actually congrats the other side, but the rework decided by the management, then why say who loss stay loss lmao
  12. please ban all those who left the clans prematurely and inactive ones. they are traitors! And a big burden for everyone else in the clan for the tournament!
    It can not be that you sign up if you have no time or no desire and so messed up for everyone else
  13. This
  14. Support you wast our time and give is what we already won. WE should get all rewards for copensation. Great i will miss next tournement cos i cant make time again next weekend well done devs
  15. Sometime ago I saw here in forums a practical suggestion regarding these wars and how to ensure guys who cast actually participate! The idea was that each war you do you collect a achievement 5 wars 10 wars and so on, this will indicate what commitment a player has for war! And so when it comes to the bigger events it's not where you are over all but rather your war stats! And only guys with let's say 100 wars achievement can cast! This would weed out the guys who have cast just for the hell of it..
  16. size should be irrelevant, they should enable hit ranges and have an entrance requirement of x amount of wins in y amount of time
  17. Could you be a little more specific as to what were the "technical difficulties"? This event was nothing more than a copy and paste from the last two events. So what was/were the root cause(s)?

    No need for me to reiterate what others have stated.

    Happy KAW'ing all 
  18. Support 1000%
  19. Excellent ideas!! Support, support, support!!!
  20. Support