2019 Summer Tournament Rework

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  1. same for you ^
  2. This was my first tournament in my years on KaW. I quit for four years and just got back. Good reminder of why I quit lol.
  3. Really!?!? Just one instance should have gotten 600 deepmine crest plates, but yet my total is 215
  4. Suggestions to improve wars:

    1. Change Pure spy mechanics. Maybe it’s time that pure spies being enldlessly open with gold out gets scrapped...it’s been the #1 exploit in the game since Pwars Anyways.

    A few ways to do this:

    A) maybe pure spies can’t be attacked at all. Period. Can’t ever leak. No troops. Can’t attack. Also then maybe more leaky hansels would war as pure spies.

    B) drop the plunder made on a PS HUGE per hit. Make it so worthless to farm an open PS, that it has a negligible effect on overall plunder.

    C) cap the amount of hits available on an Open PS, like they did have troops...limit to 20-24 or something.

    D) And my personal Favourite, have each hit take HUGE amounts of a PS’s gold out so that 10 hits literally clears them as a punishment for opening like an idiot or not hiding allies like an idiot in EE wars. This option would be a hell-o-va Lotta fun for the rest of us who could exact a little payback.

    2. War Mods. I’ll say it again. WAR MODS. Idk who originally suggested this, maybe Musang, but it’s necessary. Back in the day, the top players got admin rights in EE wars, and could BOOT INACTIVES. Now maybe that’s a scary idea, but the top ppl in all these wars are all grown ups, with big LB accounts (well mostly anyways), or at the very least stick one MOD in each clan.

    We had Titan_God in our summer war and he couldn’t do anything to stop the mole/leaker...except he did send a very urgent note to the devs, which they responded to, after we lost. Which was helpful.

    Fixing things after the fact is always less satisfying to everyone then putting a plan in place to deal with potential issues, and responding in real time.

    3. Here’s another idea. How about a “test EB” before the war starts. Or actually use the “join war” button, there is one there...it’s just broken or redundant. In order to verify actual activity....each participant has to “join the war”, to become both an active target for the other side, or have any plunder totals added to the war, and must be done prior to the war actually starting. If u sleep in. Forget. Whatever, then your out of luck...and your team doesn’t suffer. It’s better to war down an account then it is to war with an inactive one.
  6. Support for Valkyl_. We had a ps get bribed with charms to throw the war for everyone who woke up or made free time for the war. Change the ps mechanics so that inactive ps can't endlessly leak over 700 hits to the enemy team.

    And if you're reading this running_scared, **** you.
  7. I never received my tokens

  8. 100% Support well said

  9. Support, prehaps without idea #3 maybe not ps fault if he got gold out  but yea support as a ps my self i think devs should just have it impossible to atk ps during ee
  10. Support for some kind of ps mechanic change during tournaments. There is always 1 or 2 wars ruined by open ps each tournament. It ruins the fun for everyone. At least a hansel can only leak 1 bar.
  11. I don't find this amusing nor happy right now i find this total bs right now that we have to do asw tournament all over again after making it to the semi finals now i have to start all over again what bout those who for have to work ????tbis is utter bs
  12. timing again not good , please run poll or identify single best timing for all 
  13. Support. These are positive inputs Adev should sit up and listen.

    Dear ATA, pls spend a bit of your time and work this out. Maybe just do one of his point first and do a trial war. I'm sure many would volunteer to try it out.
  14. All Valks suggestions have been made by him and numerous others repeatedly, including right b4 this event. Its time for the devs to get serious about the big tournys or scrap them. Theres only 5 of em a year, smh
  15. Haven’t got my rewards except a lotstone.
    What about the mutha I casted for semis and which are wasted? Shouldn’t they be returned as well?
    And more importantly, our wasted time.
  16. Support Valky suggestions. Leaky ps or ps who intentionally throw war spoils the fun for true warrior.
  17. Heck yeah, I want my wasted mith back.

    Also, support for Valky’s ideas and also the War Mod idea.
  19. I'll keep warring as PS, but I'm good with the idea of having an opponent not being able to use troops against me :)
  20. You can say that coz no open ps on your side