2019 Summer Tournament Rework

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  1. Did this noob actually go to school and learn literacy and grammar. Obviously was pushed into this.
  2. I want 1Q gold
  3. When you say current wars will be rescheduled, I sincerely hope you mean the semis, and those alone...right?
  4. PLEASe
  5. Yaaaaay this works for me!!!
  6. And why cant we trade yet what a joke waste two days for nothing and still cant trade way to go deva this rewars better be worth it
  8. Hey Queen , can you at least update the wars times so we can continue war
  9. Thanks for my birthday gift devs!

    You have made quite a large amount of people flip out, as well as farmed their real lives due to they took off work for this apparently.

    Good luck to those in future wars! Remember, this is a game and meant for entertainment.
  10. Just a suggestion longer prep time in clan to get organised maybe hour and a half to give time for everyone to get on and prep. ♡♡
  11. Hi queens , do we get at least pillars and stone lion ? Cause ualf of us would have made it to the mext round and 1/4 pf us would have got the sword , not really fair just giving us the stone lion cause we were already gaurenteed that.
  12. Am torn. If a totally new summer tournament reset starting with another preliminaries again or just a continuation of the semis.
    How would you put together the members of each team/clan?
    I hope the rewards are rewarding enough as we have wasted 24 hours barely getting event items, wasted hours of sleep time (working hours for others).
    Spring tournament all the way to the championship was flawless (as I was part of the spring champion) so it was a surprise that we encountered this problem.
    By the way, hope the emoji stack. As I am loving my flower emoji so far, can’t part ways with it I win the summer too.
    Thanks for the update.

  13. So some questions... if you are rewarding the first round people does that mean that the new war schedule will be only round 2 and final round or will a whole new set of people be able to get the first tier and do the whole summer tournament again? Also how do you plan on compensating people for lost time off work or other events simply because you tried to resolve it but didn’t and took hours to come up with this solution? I mean we are not simply talking about 1-2hr affected we are talking 3+ hours of trying to sort it and then to just let us sit and watch a war when it could have been ended at the start rather than wast 2 more additional hours.

    I agree that rewarding all in all 4 clans is required and that at least tier 2 wars and finals should be rescheduled but make it with the same teams why allow another set of leaks or moles or a million other things happen you had teams simply let them war it out next weekend or a different weekend of choice
  14. Don't allow ps to cast they are all leaks and ruin the war for people who try.
  15. Don’t need longer prep time 1 hr is enough it has always worked in the past it will work now too, our issue is the lack of communication of the errors the time wasted in game as well as RL
  16. Ps i also took a day off work anddddd will no longer be able to achieve top 100 on this event cause of wasted 2 days pls let rewards be full sword pillars and lion for semi finalists or somethig.....
  17. This please, with the same war rosters.