2019 Summer Tournament Rework

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  1. Hi everyone! Wanted to officially introduce myself and take the opportunity to announce the rework of the 2019 Summer Tournament. As mentioned in the 2019 Summer Tournament topic:

    Due to unforeseen technical issues and to maintain the level of KaWsome everyone's come to expect with Seasonal Tournaments, we will be reworking the current Summer Tournament.

    What this means:
    - The current Wars will be cancelled and rescheduled.
    - Players who made it to Round 2 will be given a reward. We will announce it and give it out, together with the new schedule later today.
    - Players who lost Round 1 will still get their participant rewards.
    - Next weekend, July 19-21, we will be running all three rounds of the tournament again. They will be held at the same times as originally intended (Friday 2 PM, Saturday 11 AM, Sunday 8 AM Pacific time)

    All warring players have been compensated with:
    • 5 Health crystals
    • 300 Silver bars
    • 150 Deepmine crestplates
    • 1 Sovereign lion wall
    • 1 Banner of the sovereign lion
    • 1 Summer achievement (participant/bronze)
    • 1 Crux chest
    • 1 Lotstone
    • 1 Royal chest key
    • 1 Royal Deep Forest Box

    Additionally, players who won the first round will also receive:
    • 5 additional Health crystals
    • 300 additional Silver bars
    • 450 additional Deepmine crestplates
    • 2 Sovereign tokens
    • 1 Stone lion - right

    We want to thank everyone for their feedback and understanding as we improve the Summer Tournament!

  2. Ty for the update
  3. Thanks for update
  4. So a totally new summer war tournament with preliminaries again?
  5. Better be good reward. I called off work to found out You guys messes war up. Very mad!
  6. Hooe its a good reward spent hours waiting lost out on event time in rl which we cant get back.
    And when is the summer wars looking to be now ???
  7. When you say the current wars will be rescheduled, does this mean the whole tournament or the rest of the current tournament?

    Basically will tournament reset with different teams or same teams?

    Edit: original post answered question. New teams!

  8. I don’t think so. He said the losers get a participant reward.
  9. Ty for update. Ty for being with the community. But we are all pissed and this is ridiculous. No reason people who lost first round should be able to cry and get a second chance.
  10. What a load of .............
  11. players miss out time for LB Event... and we wasted time we could have used in Real life. Reward better be good!!
  12. Same teams fr
  13. Same teams and lets do the wars left till final, no need for new round. The ones that lost, lost.

  14. I think it'll completely restart, but we won't know for sure until they announce it
  15. Best be same teams also next time stick to the rules you set out cos thats what broke the system you breaking your own rules
  16. Is all of this so coconuts have a full roster?
    Complete waste of time. Sat in for 24 hrs waiting on 2nd war, could be made some serious gold and event items. Especially since the weekends are my time to crunch on event items.
  19. I want to know the reason as to how everything fell apart