2019 Spring Tournament

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  1. Hmm. But we can keep timings like ASW, Right? Staying up for a night is ok but staying up for 3 days in a row just because NA/SA are working? We have priorities too. You should balance timings of such events.
  2. Not sure about more strategic but having more xstals would be a lot of fun.
  3. 2pm serves EST & GMT not western NA.
  4. I suggest an xtal is mandatory in each hour of war if u wanna add more xtals. Helps weed out inactives or those to cheap to use xtals lol
  5. No some don't xstal as it is and are barely active. Having a few of these types of players on your team would suck if xstal was upped to 2 extra full regens.

    Want to be focusing on punishing those who don't commit to warring the whole war and on for just 5 minutes.
  6. Just got an SS and disqualification for no reason. Why is this?
  7. got hit with the 1 month :lol:
  8. never mind all that,

    there's a problem within ALL war in KaW.

    I call it the " my ambition is greater than my temporal ability " syndrome also affected by the " I hate 1 person in my clan match-up therefore everyone else in war clan must suffer my leak and absence " disorder.

    1. People with poor or 0 time management skill who press a button to sign up for war KNOWING that driving or other real life duties will interfere. These people do not take the people of KaW seriously and should be permanently removed from the game space.

    2. Sign-ing up with alts so you can be sure of a win or every other tournament clans fail, or any other pre match up plan that hinder the other clans progression. This also should be appreciated with IP removal from the game servers along with ALL account deletion.

    Having never made an alt i will not shed tears for the absolute removal of all alts, but welcome a truly social game platform.
  9. I mean you’re tweety

  10. coz u or clan cheat?
  11. Cheat? By warring like I normally do?
  12. well yeah, like you said. like normal. shattered sword for no reason or unjustly applied. heaven/hell not my place to judge.

    pretty sure i dont wanna war in same clan as ya
  13. Trying to say I'm -Venom-? Lmao yeah okay mate
  14. I suspect there may be a few players coming here with ss, so imma repost the tourney-specific rules just in case. If any of these apply to anyone reading who got ss, that may be why.
  15. The main reason(s) players got removed:
    1) Casting more than 1 account
    2) Being inactive for at least 1 war
    3) Having extremely low activity in a war
    4) Leaking
    5) Moling/selling information to other clans
  16. I wanna say good job because you did a great job making these wars fun and fair. Match making seemed fair as well as issues listed above were reduced greatly. Now try and implement those into regular EE wars and a lot of people will come back to them.
  17. Too late for that since all the good ppl left iwars long ago

  18. So will there be a update war result as these players were removed/disqualified.
  19. The players removed didn't receive rewards or achievements.