2019 Spring Tournament

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Winston, May 17, 2019.

  1. War was fun grats Stags and GL

    I too say block WC its annoying thx
  2. Damn. A whole weekend of work in the garden made me miss this totally. I hope it was fun though
  3. Great wars all throughout! Thank you and good wars, everyone :)
  4. Was a great war by all .fun times back ahain
  5. It was fun to see how close all of the wars were this tournament and I hope everyone enjoyed it! Please feel free to give feedback. We hope everyone is excited for the upcoming summer tournament! :)
  6. Make rosters more balanced
  7. Not excited at all. I think normal wars are better. I can war when I am free no need to set alarm for 2 am or 5 am. To be honest these wars ruined my weekend. No need of summer tournament if you just wanna concentrate on north & south America.
  8. Sick war. Sucks we lost by 400b in the end due to afk PS’s but had a great time this weekend wp to everyone who warred  cheers!
  9. Please bring back the red and green notifications in war. Was much easier to see and much more enjoyable.
  10. Exactly my situation

  11. Just arrange it like any other world tourney. Allow folks to cast for Europe/Asia or North/South America. 4 teams each zone. First two rounds can then be in a suitable time slot. Final can rotate between the time zones each seasonal war. Dont think anyone will mind staying up late for a final.

  12. Good idea
  13. Respect to the stags for winning. Definitely a great team of warriors.
  14. As in the way the all-star wars have previously been run? I think those were done like the Friday war starting at ~6 pm Pacific, the Saturday at noon Pacific, and the Sunday at 6 am Pacific.
  15. I think preparation times need to be changed. Being able to sign up 24 hours before the start or waiting 24 hours between rounds, but then having only an hour to plan for matchup is quite an inefficient use of time. I think changing it to have 2 hours prep would probably work out a lot better and wars could run smoother, but just my opinion. Would be useful to hear others thoughts.
  16. Kinda. Have the two Asia/European wars at 2am pst and the the two north/south american wars at 2pm. Same sxhedule for the semis. Rotate the final between the two slots. Also have less wars at once hopefully frees up server space during wars

  17. We wouldn't be able to balance rosters like this though. You'd have to have 2 separate sign up periods (one for NA, another for Asia/Europe). You'd then be able to fairly pit the NA against each other and Asia/Europe against each other until there was a final matchup, but at this point the rosters could be completely unbalanced, both in player size, and stat size.
  18. Was good fun. Enjoyed it a lot.
  19. Do players generally like the 1 xtal/hour in regards to the war? Would it be more fun (and more strategic) to have more xtals, say 4 xtals allowed in a 2 hour war?