2019 Spring Tournament

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  1. War equips the good stats one that can enchanted by mithrills
  2. Time for kaw to understand that the world has different tz! I appreciate that all can't be pleased but maybe it's time to have separate wars to suit tz better!
  3. The time is BS.
  4. Those days are gone. Earlier war equipment were considered premium now eb equipments are premium and war equipment are history. No equipment in war rewards is the main reason serious lowland war clans died after war season. No clan wanna waste time for 3-5 seals few sb and a dumb pet. Everyone can reach those target just by doing individual wars. During war season we had around 6-7 Serious war clans and 2-3 semi serious. There was nothing called as ffa wars. 8-10 clans warring for premium equipment was fun. I wish they will bring war equipment back, but I am sure they won't. They want $ they want Nks to run 
  5. They answered yesterday regarding the same, they made their priorities pretty clear.
  6. Yall ridiculous. Quit rewarding equipment on these nonstop events if you arent gonna let us use em for war events. Same goes for pvp equip, its not meant for ee wars but yall use em as rewards. Oh and pvp income is 2% of eb income... whole lotta sense.
  7. @ shyguy

    Yeah remembering those days, that we are feeling nervous whoever great war clan we will match, always aim to win, nail biting fight ,very intense, and if its happen that we lose, we make sure we gonna revenge on the next fight, i feel like during that time those have war equipments are baddass haha, because they wont get it if they dont give their best
  8. Not so fun when it won’t let you sign up. Kind of unfair for those of us coming back to the game without the same growth but who want to war.
  9. put in the work and grow then if you dont like it, if open to all wouldve been letting in everyones alts :lol:
  10. The times are unfair,they should be random war times like the ASW ,you can’t expect people in the UK to war from 11 pm to 1 am for 3 nights in succession if they win ,some people have real life commitments.
  11. Cool. Doesn’t make it less BS. Clear?
  12. Good luck all. Timing is tough this round due to personal obligations.

    For timing: people will always be upset no matter what time you set. The time they choose only supports that time zone not the whole country. Some countries have 4 different time zones so when they say it allows people in north and South America getting off work. That only supports est in North America.

    Future timing: someone suggested random timings. Could be a good thing.
    Provide us the times a few weeks earlier and that will allow us to coordinate our schedules.
  13. Will EE be rewarded/reduced/extended?

    Also, please seriously consider significantly increasing rewards (as building tokens (serious amounts), bars (serious bars), rare equip, etc). Wars are only as good as the turnout. And you need more turnout. Imagine in your mind something that you would consider to be ridiculously generous—and that’s what the rest of kaw would view as moderately enticing. You just keep missing the mark on this with respect to war rewards.
  14. @Winston

    pls make sure as clans are locked between wars (if you leave you are out!!) that you learn lessons from the past... unlock all ebs and eb bonuses equally across all clans, create at least 10 admins as it's unfair to put starting eb on just a few.


  15. Trash times, seemingly very poorly planned out as usual. Also what’s the point of capping charms and then not using them? Seems pretty clear they are become a lost aspect of this game. Devs need to just come out and say they are being phased out so people quit wasting time and money ( on seals) chasing a useless aspect.
  16. Will charms be counted for in this war or is it purely just kingdoms and allies?
  17. No charms or equipment whatsoever.
  18. Nope
  19. Damn Devs messed up the war timing so bad. A few hours ahead or behind and it would've been workable. Smackdab 3am+ working weekend+ no flexibility in timing+ lack of charms/bfe+ lack of fear on players' part about mole/leak/alt tackling+ needs better management of the entire shebang.
  20. 6:30pm is actually perfect war time, well done Winston.