2019 Spring Tournament

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  1. I'm confused is this season war for every one or just 400 players in the top 20k lb of wars over all players? And casting myth spell do you get placed directly into a clan or can you do eb event till war starts

  2. You can hit ebs, devs will give you a call on your number when war is about to start.
  3. Sign ups begin in 4 hours and like standard ee wars leave your clan one hour before match up. So wars being at 3:00pm pst make sure to leave no later than 1:59pm pst.
  4. In the war schedule it says “no BFE” as the type of war. Is this the same as kingdoms and allies war?

  5. Yes
  6. Will the sign up be a cast? Like wot?
  7. 7pm or 8pm PDT start time would be better for everyone including the people in North America and South America. People don’t generally finish work on the US West coast by 3pm. The current start time is convenient for 1 time zone, only. US EDT, Eastern Daylight Savings Time (6pm, Friday, Saturday, Sunday).
  8. The legend is making the app crash along with others in my clan.
  9. How do we know if we are top 20000 lol
  10. This should now be fixed.
  11. No moles allowed? I thought this was a war! #freethemoles
  12. Rewards are pretty meh tbh lol
  13. What's the latest time to sign on?
  14. 20 hours from now
  15. Unless spots fill up before then
  16. For all of you out there...

    3pm PST is 6pm EST and 11pm BST. That is pretty good coverage of KaW to fill the 400 slots for a full Spring War. A full up war is priority IMO. Idk what ppl think but out here on PST it is not an ideal time either but cannot please everyone. Ok time to hear what other time is more suitable instead of ppl who have to get up Saturday morning to participate complain. This oughta be good. GL to ALL who suck it up LOL
  17. What kind of rewards would you have wanted to see?
  18. The times for gmt are ridiculous! Honestly couldn’t they have been a bit earlier? Loads of peeps will sleep
  19. Answer lol