2019 Spring Tournament

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Winston, May 17, 2019.

  1. These war times really need a look at...very unfair 1 am war times for the European sector!!
  2. Soo Europe no love with timing ???
    People war at 1-3 am???
    How is it fair????
  3. If time was moved to 7pm pst more Americans would be home from work friday, and perhaps those in Europe would prefer waking up at 5am Sat to a kaw all nighter. Just a thought.
  4. I've updated the rank to be the top 20,000 based based on feedback and potential abuse from players joining with alts.
  5. How will you guys be able to figure out if someone is using more than one account? Only through player reports?
  6. We have ways to check, but we also encourage reports as we'll look more in-depth into reported accounts.
  7. how do you know if you're top 20k?
  8. I war every day my rank states that I am unranked does that mean I cannot participate in the tournament?
  9. I am apparently in the top 20k (according to Winston in the thread I posted), which means you certainly are. You should be top 13-14k at least.
  10. No way to know, because the leaderboard “Unranked” means only that you’re not top 10k. But you should be top 20k for sure, if I am.
  11. Hey European players u don't care about timing???
    People from Europe don't war anymore?
    If u don't write anything about bad time 1-3 am Devs for sure don't change it.
    Devs pls change timing Europe left behind on spring war!!!!!!
  12. Signup ends at 2am my time smh..
    Devs please set it to a better time..like 10am the same day..for us itll be 9pm which is more acceptable..
  13. Unfortunately the way it is currently set up, we can't show the top 20k players but if you were able to join the winter tournament, you'll still be eligible for this one. Sign ups start tomorrow and you'll know for certain if you can join then (it'll either let you or it won't).
  14. Unfortunately, we have players all over the world and we're trying to find a time that fits everyone which certainly isn't easy. With the current time, it allows players in North and South America to play near the end of work, whilst players in Britain and parts of Europe can play quite late a night. We are aware that it can be tough for some people to stay up late, but we did try to accommodate the majority of our players.
  16. You concentrated only on south and north America. "It allows players to play near the end of work" Even on weekends they work, right? 1 war of Friday as per their timezone is acceptable but all wars as per that timezone. Lol. you are considering even Saturday Sunday as per them? Only people who live in south and north America works? Others are free and wasting their time in kaw this is what they wanna say  they want you to wake up at 2am (Asia) they want you to sleep at 5am (Europe) but work of North and south Americans even on "Saturday Sunday" is more important to them. Now stop crying everyone for time change, they know people in Europe and asia are dumb and will adjust their rl and wait for Americans to get back home from work.
  17. How many hours till we can sign up ? And do we just leave clan and use wave of conflict when we do ?
  18. Does this mean with the 3 rounds there are gonna be some with the lvl 2 banner?? Because that would be amazing
  19. Would be better to have fatesand crestplate as a reward instead of deepmine, more would war. 10 to 20 range would be decent.