2019 Fall Tournament

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  1. All the seasonal wars have been top 20k, to be fair.
  2. Again I will put this idea out there! During the year as you war we collect war tokens, these tokens are used to buy a event war pass! Very simple and ensures only those that war on a regular basis get to take part, I know of many who war regularly and are not top 20k and can't war ! Give tokens to war guys and this will stop the debacle that is the current event wars !
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  3. Y’all never stop crying. Just enjoy that they are still doing these for us
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  4. Hey. I'm top 20k and I did something of use
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  5. Apparently we cant quote a quote anymore. ^^ was to art
  6. Again again again worst timing for war event

    I have one suggestion.

    There are 5 wars timing as routine

    Why not put one war event as first timing, next event on second timing & goes on,

    5 event 5 time slots

    So all who can join there respective timing can participate

    Why some only have all fun to participate in war events