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  1. Well kaw I'm silenced so here goes my secondish thread. First off it's Ye season, everyone go listen to the album titled "Ye". Now, back to kaw. Where is admin chat??? I think it would fit perfectly in our chat window, right in between "clan" and "ally" (Allie? Ally? I've never really understood it and I'm in too deep to go check). Im tired of those apps that we all use with ours "pals" or maybe somebody has to hit your "line". I'll do some pros and cons and hopefully Bruce or someone will come in here and give there insight.
    Pros: don't have to use 3rd party apps
    Easier communication for clan
    Not everyone has to see you ask if you should kick that one dude who kinda annoys you
    cons: the only one I can see is that it might kill clan chatter because all the cool kids are in admin chat.
    I did this on a phone, I'm sorry.
    Leave your thoughts below
  2. Never gonna happen even tho its been asked for 500 times
  3. This thread is lame, besides the Kanye part.

    If you scrolled down because TL;DR.
    The only thing of substance was fo listen to “Ye”
  4. Do you ever wake up and find you written and posted a thread?