2018 All Star Wars Information

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  1. ALL BUILD CHANGES SHOULD HAVE BEEN LOCKED FOR ASW PARTICIPANTS FOR THE DURATION OF THE EVENT. It was ridiculous seeing the amount of upgrades happening between wars. #matchalgorithm

    Obviously if your team lost, you’re no longer a participant.
  2. Asw was a bust devs screwed up hard as usual
  3. Where is my seal and the xtals..? Got the seerstone but nothing else

  4. Seal was only given to cyan and pink for the delay and shortening of war I guess !
  5. This is correct
  6. When can we have our banner? So excited 
  7. Usually 2 weeks after so soon

  8. Just have to wait and see Chubb Chubb Bro.
  9. Over 14 days man... throne took 2 secs to release. How hard is a banner
  10. Will probably be a really awesome banner?
    Prolly with glitter and stuff? And rainbow unicorns?
    Or even hooters...
  11. When did we get compensated? Seals? Xtals? I didn't get dog poop wtf..
    And I love the statement, no one got 35%, but 2 teams for bonuses the others didn't? Fair, 360 days between asw and u can't get it right?

  12. They had to wait and see wich team won first
  13. Yeah the art takes a while because with the throne we could have planned in weeks in advance whereas the banner we could not. I'm hoping to have it out very shortly for everyone!
  14. Will you also be giving people forum titles? For instance those who won the asw in 2016 have it under their name when they post to forums. Will you be adding that?
  15. I sent feedback on that last week and was told yes we get forum titles. I guess forum tiles are linked to the banner somehow?
  16. Banners and forum titles should be out for the winners now.
  17. Banners and forum titles should be out for the winners now.[/quote]

    Titles still seem to not be working.

  18. Thanks winston for the effort. Much appreciated