2018 All Star Wars Information

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  1. That throne is UGLY. Hope it has awsome stats. If you go all the way and win, should get ring or some other piece of fantastic stat equipment.
  2. Edited the rewards to show a STAR reward name instead of a COLOR reward name
  3. Check out Moose’s account the ring is still equipped and from 2012

    By looking looks like summer tournament rather than ASW.
  4. Can confirm the stats on the throne will be higher than a regular throne.
  5. No but I am aware there hasn't been a banner event in quite a while
  6. Can you customise the colour of the throne? Sayyyyy, to a pink one for example?

    Please do that because thats not a very nice looking throne.
    Thanks in advance
  7. I don't think equipment was even a feature during the first asw, was it? Achievements had just come out over that summer of 2010 iirc. Don't crucify me if I'm wrong, it was 8y ago and I'm going purely off teen me's memory 
  8. I don’t even know if equipment was out yet during first ASW if it was then it was really new
  9. Great turn out! Excellent planning
  10. ~ NO SUPPORT ~
    For having it on a holiday weekend.

    ~ NO SUPPORT ~
    For having it after school starts.
    Some players were still in school when it began.

    ~ NO SUPPORT ~
    For not giving out the stars.


    EDIT: Thank you for fixing the star part.

  11. Support
  12. I’m sad I can’t participate in this one. I’ll just have to hope and prepare for the next.
  13. Can we please bring back red and green KO notifications in war? Why was that ever taken away?? Green good. Red bad.

    It’s awful all war only red
  14. Also shut down wc in wars. Its needless & seeing it on iphone is a pain when just 2 lines

  15. Finally someone says something... Yes disable World Chat during Wars Is awful and also return green Kos And red Kos
  16. This.
  18. It appears there were some issues with clan bonuses which may have affected the outcome of a few wars. This was not intended but unfortunately, as many of the participants had left, we weren't able to come up with an ideal solution to rectify the situation. For those of you who had a less than ideal experience, we'll be looking into another big and fun war event. I do apologize for this problem.
  19. So there's going to be another ASW? :lol:
  20. Issues? Vague so can you better elaborate?