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  1. i think it would be a really fun idea to do Harry Potter wars.There are 4 different houses and we would be put into the house team that we identify and match with relating to our own personality in the sorting hat quiz. Gryffindor = red , Slytherin house= green, Ravenclaw house = blue and Hufflepuff = yellow. To be honest i dont play kaw much now.So i am giving control of this idea over to Zero .Because i am not really good at organizing big events . Or Red Hot Vixen can organize if able also. i am Hufflepuff !!
  2. People to stop being fake offended by everything
  3. @[ata]Mark by bumping this thread it's implied that you read and and are paying attention to it. would you care to respond to any of the ideas/suggestions that have been put forth recently? currently many players have put forth a lot of good suggestions and it would be nice to know that they are being listened to. I'm curious about clan based events and the next eb in the sveruganti series in particular.
  4. below for changes to the game's development.

    Who knows, maybe the devs will give you a late Christmas present this year![/quote]
    Gife boxes you can only open one ever 24 hour how about we open 1 ever 12 hour instead . I get so many in the game that go unopened . Just saying
  5. I do love osw banter, but the devs are actually reading this and hopefully considering some ideas so.. if we could stay on topic, lol.
  6. Can we keep this thread on topic please, all reports and accusations should be sent directly to devs. Otherwise spouting on here will do nothing but make the devs miss actual constructive ideas. You can post and say you want the devs to crack down on cheaters but keep your witch hunts to the devs email please

  7. 2 things.

    1. Yes we're reading this thread.
    2. We will respond, BUT we don't want to just go through the thread and respond to each idea as that always ends in chaos and confusion.
  8. It would be great if you or someone in the Developer team could give an official statement about the buying and selling of accounts. Whether it's still against the ToU or not. So we can move passed the subject.
  9. Bring back daily promos it actually made the game interesting.That or up the money gained form ebs and wars as the only time anyone upgrades is after the event.

  10. thanks for replying mark :D it's good to know you guys are still paying attention to what the community wants. however out of curiosity when can the community expect a reply to their suggestions? this thread has been out for over a month, we all saw how long it took you to respond to the thread Adonis made and their hasn't been another eb besides Goth in the sveruganti series in over 2 years (yikes). I'm not saying you guys are slow or anything :D you did a great job with speakers :roll:

  11. Fool, they made a response years ago about it. Here's the Cliff Notes for your simple mind: Do what you want with your money. Don't come crying to us because your homeboy screwed you & hacked back into your bought account. We will show you no mercy."

    Now let these guys get back to good ideas from the community, snowflake.
  12. " Years ago"  We know why you want the subject dropped Ireg. Or Queenvasia.

  13. You seem mad, snowflake. Thing is...I never said, "Hey, KaW...my homeboy hacked my account. Can you help me out?!"

    I knew the answer would've been, "Kick rocks, we warned you."

    You should be asking ata more important things. Like..."Why can't my whole alliance ever knock iReg off the LB?!"


    "Why did my alliance leaders knowingly let iReg grow his then alt so big that it takes me 3 xstals to sb him?!"

    Anyways, happy Kaw'ing, snowflake.
  14. No one let you. We stripped you over and over again while you were hiding at an eb clan. Lol

    After being stripped you rejoined Regs, then claimed it was your plan all along to rejoin then. Quite the coincidence ;)

    Also, everyone knows why stripping you is more difficult than any other regular member. But let's not get into that again...
    Actions speak louder than words, iBeg - and your actions involve A LOT of begging.
    If Invictus sucked so bad, why did what's left of your alliance beg Apoc for help? And why did Apoc then recruit the Clan A fam and Eclipse mid osw?
    Can't wait to see who y'all will cry to next. It never fails to entertain us. ;)
  15. Sorry for going off-topic. Just had to comment on that
  16. lady...you fools fail stripped me 2x during the Black Friday weekend. The first time you morons put 600t or so out on me 13 minutes after I ran my last fb on a train....genius!  Was literally looking at my phone like "Well...guess I get to bank another 600t." Then you fail stripped me one more time just before the Black Friday weekend...my loss was somewhere around 13%...which was peanuts considering you fools LET ME MAKE 4.2Q that weekend. 

    Beg for help? Naw. We happened to have like enemies & wanted to have more fun.  Ain't no fun unless your homies can't have none! 

    People should really proofread kot's messages before he posts on forums. You guys sound like a bunch of _______ (you can fill that in) when he talks... I'd ban him from forums if he was my member.

    You spit the same lying propaganda that all of res does, so I expect they'll allow you to be their mouthpiece since gooftroop doesn't want to get his lawyers involved.

  17. Dude.

    Please stop. This thread started as a positive thing to the community, with discussion and ideas floating around. Then, you and your butt buddies came along and ruined it.

    If you want to trash talk, argue, or make accusations, please, don't ruin a good thread.

    You guys are extremely off topic, and with all the thinly vieled accusations floating around, I'm honestly surprised that a mod has not locked this. Can we please let the thread continue with its intended purpose?
  18. Dude,

    This thread ran its course in December. It's been trash talk since then.

    Your Dude
  19. Ain't no fun if your homies can't get none*

    Try not having a typo before you say someones post needs proofreading in the next line.

    On a side note, it's no longer the 90's so no need to continue talking like it is ;)
  20. semzz, thanks for correcting my 90s vernacular. Your contributions to this thread are above reproach.
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