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Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Z3R0_THE_MAGIC_MaCHiNE, Dec 30, 2016.

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  1. I do wish for u to shut up though
  2. Hahaha u think in Derrick that's priceless. What will the dreanged lunatic say next
  3. Make 10 man random wars like the chaos war days. That... Was ... Amazing
  4. My only alt isn't in natural disasters u deranged lunatic xD
  5. I would like to see the timer for amount of xstals or nobs used to regenerate troops to be removed or at least raise the number of amount allowed to be used. That way spenders like me can spend more on stalls and nobs.
  6. Asked for an in game way to get xtals years ago... Devs have been very generous with them lately :) I do really appreciate that
  7. How about a time machine to take forums back to 2015?
  8. or better yet

  9. 2011 was a good year for forums. I personally most enjoyed 2012-2015 forums though. With the early months of 2016 thrown in.
  10. Ban the botters that sooooo many people have reported and in some cases provide proof of.

  11. Anyone else hear the new land rumor? Apparently to be released in May with the cost rumor being 20Q or something. That's something we don't necessarily need yet.
  12. Agreed, new lands just pushes the few lb spenders ahead and demoralizes all those still far off for everyone else. Need something else for leaderboard to spend their money on
  13. - ability to remove old items from our inventory on our own (event items from 10 events ago)

    - better warring system. Better matching, more styles of wars from 15-100 person rosters and removing wars from events.

    - ability to disable WC in chat box both mobile and pc. (nothing more annoying then people spamming wc while you're trying to read CC in a little box.

    - ability to select and delete/build multiple buildings at once assuming the gold is available.

    - confirm ally hire button

    - move PVP opt in to bottom of spell page
  14. Make Quests Great Again! Drop rates and, more importantly, payout need to be updated for a modern KaW. The last quest pays out 7.6mil, which is nothing when even new players can make billions on their first day. Give us an alternative to EBs.
  15. Why is there no silver bar drop from pvp? Like offer better incentive
  16. If new lands come out, events better pay 50k sb for 2k items
  17. I agree.
    Enhancements could include Clan notifications.
    "Status: Bob accepted Bert into the Clan"
    "Status: Bob kicked Bert"
    "Status: Bob Rejected Bert's Application"

    It would help to stop 5 admins all going to see who is watining to get accepted, when they have been already rejected
  18. Wish Devz will hurry up with rewards and get season war 7 rolling and skip theses deal wars
  19. Ok here we go.

    Underground lands. Before LL.

    They give bonuses to smalls, but as you get bigger those bonuses would reverse in effect.

    So, a starting out player would want all 25 of them. They can be bonuses like extra plunder, stats, whatever. However, as you grow, the bonuses decrease until they become negative.

    Ideally it would be where you just destroy one of the buildings, and you get bonuses back. So, someone around my size would maybe have 15 buildings left.

    Obviously it needs some work, but i think it could truly lessen the gap between the massive players and the smaller players.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.