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Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by __Z3R0_KotFES_MaYHEM_MaCHiNE__, Dec 30, 2016.

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  1. That would b fun but most of my original clanmates have already quit kaw
  2. Grymln why dont you retire .Like your other account Darth is doing.That would be a real blessing .
  3. Ur an idiot if u really think in darth
  4. The real blessing would be shutting the hell up with ur essays on forums
  5. The fascination with Zach as u ssay from Ohio is just utterly stupid and makes me think u have an actual mental disability in which makes me feel bad when I say stuff like this to you
  6. I have lots of proof you are him . Many have seen it . Run along to Emmett and cry to him about me Grymln because aint a thing you can do by yourself . i really liked A.J's calender he wrote for kaw that he was going to arrange a monthly activity on kaw.A.J had some great ideas on it for every month. It would be fun if those can come to life. i'll try bump the thread A.J wrote.
  7. Proof u say lol
  8. Ronni is obviously deranged and devs can see in my IP address that Im not darth. As for u getting banned though.
  9. Deranged lunatic u need to take ur happy pills already ND shut ur purty mouth
  10. Grymln i dont need to take any happy pills. i take pleasure in knowing it wasnt apoc that brought about the seperation of Zaft. it was you who corzed the inter clan conflict because couldnt keep your friction about me just between me and you.And deal with me yourself.!! No grymln cant handle insignificant me all by himself.He had to cry to Emmett for backup .And boom your plans got foiled and detonated on you. But we are grymlyn the hardcore nut.Who cant solo me alone haha. i cant find A.'J's calender for the year. Can you bump it A.J when you read this please.
  11. No one is gonna read ur paragraph Ronni pls try again
  12. Both of you stop, take it out on each other in game if you are going to fight.
  13. Y when have u ever listened to me
  15. Besides I don't think I've ever been able to hit the short bus passenger with my main. Briefly farmed with an alt as few years ago and was accused of being some xsch dude from ohio
  16. Actually sounds like a good wish be able to farm Ronni with my main
  17. Do drop the macho talk grymln . i never get farmed because i'll hit you back twice as hard. And you have many alts its not like you cant act now and hit if you wanted too.
  18. Just became My fav dev for meming Captain reynolds 

    But on a serious note are we gonna get any direct feedback on ideas here or what ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. Ronni pls grow for the love of God grow so I can show u tht you can only farm nubs who don't know anything other than an eb
  20. Grymln do i only farm nubs ( your word not mine ) who are much smaller than me ? Ask the raging rabbit Machine how much times i hit him 2 days ago.And ask him how much i hit him when he hit me first about 4 days ago .And when he hit me about 2 months ago with 3 others with him. Yet i only hit smaller than me you say? i hit wol goddess the other day and she never hit me back. _sigma_nu_131_ one of your alts gremlyn grow it . or hit me with your alt you keep in Natural disasters clan. i wrote a eb a few years ago and so did Jennifer- SE .Jenni's one was very good .So was Sean's that he did. Aj once did a competition for best eb to be designed. it would be fun if a kawers created eb would be used into the game .Even if only for several days .
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.