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  1. I'd like to see Mark propose to me.
  2. I'm not sure devs can band said program. However they could easily make it almost impossible for those programs to work.

    Now to add to the 2017 wishlist:
    The ability to buy aqua just like inferno because no one realistically is going to buy 100 aqua at the cost of 500 health crystals. Plus weigh in the facts that gold is now easily attained and that newer equipment use up a lot of aqua and inferno.

    Next is Atk and Spy Atk pots in LL wars. I hate having to sell these pots before LL wars. They can't be used during LL wars so why not just disable the pot selection screen during LL wars? That would be nice.
  3. This needs to be priority #1, having people pay to play a game that allows things like this should never happen.

    I have no problem throwing a couple $ around but it has to be an even playing field. With the amount of evidence we know you have, and what we know that you already know, you should be ashamed of yourselves that you haven't even attempted to stop the cheating.
  4. Am I the only one who feels like devs are mocking us? If they actually read what we say I don't think they'll be posting lame gifs. Subjects brought up (such as cheating) aren't really joking matters Mark, not anymore..especially for those who spend significant $$ on your game.

    Meh, waste of time
  5. Sorry you feel that way.
  6. 1. Reduce max reward for losing clans in war, to discourage ppl from casting 5 alts in lower Indy brackets and discourage FFA clans in ll. Maybe 100 or 200 at the absolute most. An alt that cast every single war , only scoutbombed and won zero wars has no right to a top 100 war event spot...
    2. Limit number of accounts a player can cast in a war timeslot to 1. Encourage players to cast a single account and actually try to win on that account (see #1) Go go internet wizards...has to be a way.
    3. Have an option to mute world chat, can very distracting during war.
    4. New mith equipment worth warring for that will remain relevant for longer than the time it takes to earn it.
    5. Increase crackdown on bots/autoclickers and 3rd party ally tracking software used to find hidden allies and strip during wars (devs are doing much better recently, keep up the good work!)

    That's off the top of my head
  7. Nice deflection. How about addressing the context of her post? Or mine? Or the others who have outlined the rampant cheating in your game ?
  8. I'd like notifications if a thread you responded to got a response.

    Thread notifications. And the abilities to turn them on or off

    Would make the forums a much more convenient place to converse.
  9. In regards to the opt in pvp weekend. Make the spell actually last 72 hrs from when you cast.
    So the late casters can't just opt in for last cpl hrs and get the benifits.
    Also allow us to exchange old pieces of event rewards/ tokens etc current ones.
    Also allow us to change the set out of our buildings. I like symmetry and my buildings are messy. 
  10. C'mon Blazey...did you really expect a serious answer?

    ??? ATA monkeys when it's about cheating.
  11. i dont think you are in any posistion vlad to quote people and try act all smarmy and condescending .As if you act strictly within the T.O.U rules. You sold your account when claiming retiring from kaw. Then a few months later when you started to miss kaw again.You re buyed back your old account . It's annoying how you trying to act all high and mighty when you are all that you accuse others of.
  12. Maybe you are right and I'm not better than auto-bots. Maybe you are right I'm being a hypocrite. Maybe I'm wrong but I think my actions didn't affect other players gameplay. And about acting "high and mighty" I'm not the one banned for cheating. Someone else was. Was that you?
  13. Yes i was banned wrongly . Something very dodgey and under handedly went on to ban me and many others . As soon as i join Fury , my account is banned .That is very suss to me. i know i have never ever cheated. i have put in hours n hours on my old account and was very proud of it. i wouldnt waste my money buying gadgets to boost my stats. i take pride in knowing everything that my accounts have acceived was all down to my own blood , sweat and tears. Look at you vlad in constant hte clans .Yet you dont osw or pvp. You only use big stats to try boost up your tiny ego . Thats what i have noticed .People think big stats make them big men .When wrong . Theres no point having them if you dont ever use them for a purpose . And even though my old account was banned. i dont feel the need to sound off to ata .Because all the events giving silver bars and equipment have made up for me losing my old account . Only thing i miss is the badges that i earned on it .So what i lost the events rewards have made up for it.So stop complaining and be grateful what you already have . Stop scrutinising every little detail of the game and just enjoy it for what it is . Only you can make the game fun .
  14. Ronni stop derailing the thread. U don't need to answer as nobody cares
  15. Im not telling u cause Im trying to be mean im just giving u friendly advise to not get u so riled up
  16. My wish list is for new EE equip to rejuvenate the dieing ee kaw player base
  17. And you are a weirdo vlad no wonder i dont accept all your follows you keep sending me.A few years ago you creeped me out keep saying roni send me love , hugs & kisses .Tell me how much you love me.Ewww yuck .i dont even know you .Saying that when you was in another country. Then you turn up in the same country i live. Then bombard me with follows . i was warned to stay away from you by people who know how creepy you are.
  18. Something that won't be useless once the next event comes around
  19. Ty and hope that little bit helps u guys out in ata
  20. i think it would be fun to do a week called " a blast from the past ". When we all have to return to our 1st original clans which we first started in when we began kaw.
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