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  1. We need a change your build day once a year and crystal timer when it's Time to stop.we should also have spy quest and hold on the new lands for a while don't release for a while. New color change name spells and alchemist spells as a whole can we degrade eq to get aqua and infer
  2. That would be way too cheap, maybe 5q
  3. Depends on how high the tax is. If the tax is 1% then 5q would be insane. To collect 5q from taxes, clan members need to plunder 500q.
  4. This thread needs more effort OP. Where is the consolidated list on p1?
  5. Yo! He asked people to post their wishes. This thread is not about what OP wants therefore no list for you. Take your time and read the replies on this thread. There's only 5 pages.
  6. No support.
  8. Nice hairline baldboi
  9. I wish for better developers
  10. For WC ads to cease to exist.
  11. I feel devs just said f the community with that reply above. Seriously we just want you to listen and comment on our ideas lol. Is that to much?

  12. No idea why you would make another thread crying about the hide ally spell other than if you didn't want everyone to see what was said last time you cried about it. There is cheating in this game and the hide ally spell is the only way to compete with the cheaters.

    Remove and or limit the hide ally spell without dealing with the cheaters and you will see half of kaw quit. Period end of story.
  13. Thats a bit of work. Some of these replys are not easy to reflect. But if it means devs will legitimately consider AND give feedback on atleast some of these suggestions Ill either help OP or try to consolidate the replys myself. Only if its said feedback will for sure be given though (I.E. If something can not be done - or unwilling to do, because of balance issue for example -, say why)

    Too many legitimate threads without devs for anyone to put effort in. Not attacking devs but tons of threads made without even a generic "Looking into this" or a simple answer. Thats why you see effortless threads js
  14. Fair enough.
  15. 24 hour heath Crysal usage timer

    Spy quests that would boost if even just a little bit in nob/gold rewards to benefit midsize/smalls

    I like the events the smaller accounts benefit greatly from the silver bar drop so I'd say increase the bar drop

    Relocate the pvp opt in icon to lower in the alchemist menu (common sense) also the pvp opt in event is a little broken, it's really just about finding a large open spy build to attack
    I don't know how to fix that but I'd assume you'd have to make pvp opt more attractive to get more participation because the pvp opt in could be the purest form of battle in the game if executed like the earliest pvp events
    Also I made a post couple weeks ago which suggested making votive ash able to be converted into aqua and inferno. It got a couple supports. Heres the link. viewtopic.php?f=18&t=182711
  16. Awesome, thanks.

  17. Np, I hope you keep to your reply to seca and give feedback. I tried to get the ones that seemed possible but all that were formatted as a list I included. If I missed anyone pm me Ill add it.
  18. Can you bring back the "rare seal of damned" drop from certain ebs or increase the drop rate to what it was originally?

    @ ata mark
  19. 1. Increase the drop rate of aqua and inferno.
    2. Increase the drop rate of scrolls for enchanting equipments from SCRAG eb.
    3. Lower the mithril price of equipment from alchemist. This would encourage more new players to pvp, hence xtal usage, hence nobility sales.
    4. Create a system where mithril can be broken into aqua and inferno. And aqua and inferno can be combined to create mithril. Combining and desintegrating should also cost gold.
    6. Reduce the hit range by 30-40%.
    7. Why do you have xtal lock if it would encourage more xtal sales?
    8. START BEING CREATIVE AGAIN and stop the copy paste events. We could have some betting-system, reward choices, other items to collect besides those rng boxes.
    9. Yes, perma ZTA if you want to be greedy.
    10. GOLD SINK. Lots of good ideas have been posted and was ignored :roll:
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