2017 community wish list

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by __Z3R0_KotFES_MaYHEM_MaCHiNE__, Dec 30, 2016.

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  1. No support
  2. And you can't take credit for it 
  3. I wish to know which butthurt mod keeps silencing me. I offer 2 seals as reward for information. Ss as proof plz. Thanks :)

  4. So you self stripped in fear, that's even better!!
  5. #wewantpwarsback
  6. Pwars were great? Am I the only one that thinks they were not great?
  7. Better forumers
  8. Support
  9. Not really 
  10. - Get rid of world chat for players in war

    - Bring back build tokens this week

    - Make winning team in war get their xtal back 100% of time

    - Random/Advantage in indi wars

    - Promote clan loyalty more

    - New type of event, this copy and paste is garbo

    - War Seasons more often

    - Return of prestige LB
  11. Pwars are in no way great. Epic battle launch was best thing to ever happen to them.
  12. Xstal timer that counts down as youuse them so you always know how many you have left when trying to max xstal
  13. Stop b2b events.
    I want a new KAW.
  14. That must be why no one plays this game anymore and the ratings went down
  15. Idea for indi wars: prohibit use of xtals, and on joining clan after woc is cast, double or triple the amount of all army, or same thing differently - distract less % of soldiers and/or spies per hit
  16. Add Tapjoy or remove Fyber and Add Tapjoy
  17. My wish to have more plunder on pig to troll haunt EB for smaller players with 400k to 20 million cs. This way they are more likely stay on their clan rather than grow and look for another clan to grow further. This also help new players change EB than b2b haunting. Also I wish they drop more seals on EB from haunting to other lower EB like reckoning and battle royals
  18. Clan tax system to buy things that benefit the clan. Like maybe you can buy a indefinite 1% plunder boost for 5 tril from the clan tax ll the way up to 10%.
  19. Don't talk about tax this time of the year. I'm trying to forget my taxes 
  20. Support to votive ash idea and want more aqua inferno events
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.