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  1. Was far from my first contribution to this thread, just love pointing out when people try to talk smack and look like complete morons themselves.

    My wish is to make KaW great again and come down on all cheaters hard. We've put up with them long enough ! Drain the Kaw swamp !
  2. Love how my posts got deleted..shocker

    Simple question Mark, 'yes' or 'no' answer typa thing: will this now wide spread cheating I (and others) mentioned be taken care of?
  3. I agree with steve on that. Devs should know this game better. I play 6 years and it so obvious to see. If all played fair the game would be alot better.
  4. Another deleted post..

    Censorship at its best.

  5. Main reason I rarely post osw related stuff on forums anymore. Lol
  6. Last time i checked the ToU says when buying an account it would result " in the forfeiture of your account". Devs havent lived up to their end of the deal there. Cheaters is what ruined kaw. Not ebs, strips, events or osw.

    I hope devs have learned from this and will apply it to their new game.
  7. Actually ToU say "may" not "would".
  8. You are correct.
  9. And that ambiguity is the root of the problem. There should be clear rules for all players, not scope for devs to pick and choose where to enforce and where to turn a blind eye.
  10. Wish list:

    - More effort on PvP events (maybe run pvp events during the weekdays)

    - Alliance Plunder Wars
    Currently we have the classic type of war when 2 clans go head to head. Would be nice if we can engage alliance wars, where multiple clans from both sides can go head to head.

    - Switch up EE wars
    We've had LL and indi for quite some time now, would be nice if we can have something new.
    Maybe cage fights? So 1v1 or 3v3?
    Anything new tbh

    - Spy Quests

    - Gold bars

    - Already been said but  Support for xtal timer and get rid of old boxes and crap that we've had for a long time. Also support for new Ash Equip!

    - Finally give an Ally Lb badge *Moonface*
  11. 3 v 3 sounds fun
  12. And I agree a top 100 ally lb badge is needed!!! It's near impossible to get in top 100 overall unless you were already there
  13. If you read his post you can see he's talking about 'bots and scripts'.
    Nice try though, again. 
  14. How about a player base?
  15. still waiting for that yes or no answer..
  16. What the hell was the devs thinking with the lucky chest I mean nobody ever got one and if they did they are keeping quite about it remove it please and give us a leader board chest drop that is worth trying harder to be no1 and is a clan based drop crux or sbs to all members
  17. Also why can't the devs being back a revamped double item drop rate x2 and more of the x3 payout. Bonus that was before BR or even added to them 
  18. Bring back the element psion so we can upgrade honeycomb ring please is a community wish thank you ️
  19. Provide ability to share xtals between players
  20. A. Equipment updates:
    1. Equipments from eb
    ->add a complete set-effect which looks like a mini-prolific plunderer spell. (10-15% whole eq set-effect if the equipments are from same eb tier)
    2. Mithril equipments
    -> add a bonus effect per equipment which looks like rampant raider spell. (1-4% per equipment, depending upon the equipment's mithril cost)

    B. Buildings flashy graphics :lol:
    1. Aesthetic updates to the buildings and troops and spies in Lowlands, Highlands and Hoarfrost.
    2. Show current number of troops and spies per building each time a hit is made. (Shows like hp/sp/mp bar in an mmorpg)

    C. Game economy update.
    1. Uncap the potential gold earned from being volleyed/hired as an ally.
    2. Add a cooperative-like clan storage system exclusively for pots, mithrils, aqua and inferno and other miscellaneous game items other than gold or bars.
    3. Gold bars, platinum bars and candy bars. ;)
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