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Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Z3R0_THE_MAGIC_MaCHiNE, Dec 30, 2016.

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  1. Dear fellow players,

    Please feel free to post your wish lists below for changes to the game's development.

    Who knows, maybe the devs will give you a late Christmas present this year!
  2. Them to care
  3. My wish list is as follows,

    Limit the hide ally ability to 72 hours or less. Don't let players cast the spell more than 3 times in a 72 hour period. The spell wasn't designed for a player to hide their allies indefinitely. This is a problem for all sides in the current osw and is a big reason people aren't building towers anymore.

    Incentivize players to stay in their home clans instead of hopping for events-ee-trains-br. Give clans a plunder bonus based on their clan rank on the leaderboard. Make it significant enough for them to stay.

    Let us convert extra votive ash into aqua-inferno-mith.

    Thanks and good luck to all!
  4. If we can come up with some ideas that produce them income and also help us enjoy the game more, I bet they will be on board.

    I'm sure you guys have some good ones.
  5. - Bring back random/advantage type wars in indi wars and possible implement advantage wars in ll wars

    - the ash idea you had is a good one^

    - special New Years event with building tokens/land tokens that can be converted into gold for BC players as an option
  6. A token that once activated gives you 1 hour to change your build completely for free.
  7. I'd only support the 72 hour hide spell if the devs would ban the steal tracker/90 second protection watch program that's let's bfa holders in osw sleep like babies.Kinda hypocritical no?

    24 hour heath Crysal usage timer

    Spy quests that would boost if even just a little bit in nob/gold rewards to benefit midsize/smalls

    I like the events the smaller accounts benefit greatly from the silver bar drop so I'd say increase the bar drop

    Relocate the pvp opt in icon to lower in the alchemist menu (common sense) also the pvp opt in event is a little broken, it's really just about finding a large open spy build to attack
    I don't know how to fix that but I'd assume you'd have to make pvp opt more attractive to get more participation because the pvp opt in could be the purest form of battle in the game if executed like the earliest pvp events
  8. I'm a big fan of the ash conversion idea.

    Would like an xtal usage counter/clock to keep track of when jail is on its way.

    Instead of the token 1 xtal for the dev's thanks/holiday gift etc(seems outdated now) how about a 24 hour plunder bonus %
  9. I also would love to see a separate chat tab for the admins in the clan to go along with wc, clan, and ally tabs.
  10. The devs should stop all forms of cheating. They haven't and don't seem to want to.
  11. However, they can easily change the ability to permanently hide allies. That will affect everyone equally across the board.

    People have tried to cheat in this game since pwars. Various bots, alert systems, account sharing tools, etc. seem to pop up no matter how many accounts they ban.
  12. I agree I wish we could see ally page to strip I don't dispute that but until the protection programs are caught and remove from the game the ally spell is the only way to keep allies on your page in mega alliance osw,that spell is costly and not 100% fool proof user error let's slip and back page allies can be "procured" from a 3rd party
  13. This.
  14. Ash cannot be stripped......as she is already naked.
  15. 1)More indi war brackets with less stat spread from top to bottom so 3/4 of a clan aren't useless.

    2) return of full set super equipment for season 7 that will far surpass hte equipment so people actually have a reason to war

    3) seeing as everyone is doing 3x the damage on hte versus when it came out add the extra bar permanent or make a longer lasting eb that pays more for the same price.

    4)lowland indi Wars for people who don't play on pc and use auto clickers and don't feel like sucking someone's butthole to lowland war and don't like signing up for wars but war sporadically whenever they feel...

    It can't be that hard to have multiple format wars going on at the same time....my guess is you will have way more sign ups for the indi version of what is now a pointless war format
  16. Yeah I support spamming feedback and this thread with extra hte bar being permanently adopted only fair as a premium eb
  17. Support for extra hte bar. Devs are raking in the profits with new damage done to hte. Otherwise, make the last versions of zta perm eb options.
  18. PvP blitz AND LL WAR Optin comfirnation. Would rather have one for ll war if any at all
  19. People need a Pvp opt-in confirmation :roll:


    How about opt out ?
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