2016 KAW CON

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  1. 2016 KAW CON

    Opening parade by the Machines

    Autograph signing by Zaft

    Sign up for Unicorn RP with Ashes!

    Meet ur favorite mercs!

    Step by step instructions on how to get a seal!

    Make most of ur build clinic by skinnyminny!

    Meet the Warbeast

    Pack $1 bills for strip tease by ATA representative!

    Don't miss the Shark Eb presentation!

    Find out what hot chicks are on the other side of the screen!

  2. That bat woman tho
  3. Where's the link to RSVP?
  4. Are tickets on sale yet?!
  6. I like how the skinnyminny one implied knocking things down.

    Clever. But who has cons in February?
  7. Can there be a whack-a-Mod area? Or is that too harassing.

  8. ^Support for whack-a-mod
  9. Maybe a fruitcake eating contest amongst mods.
  10. What's a convention without food?

    Squid on a stick!

    Blue pig on a stick!

    Unicorn in a can!
  11. [​IMG]

    like that?
    just don't drop the hammer

  12. 10/10 thread.
    Mostly cause hot women but that only count's for 9.5/10

    Great effort Óź†
  13. Can I buy tickets? Bid start $750
  14. THIS. Lmfao
  15. Support :lol:
  16. This thread is brilliant, props to op
  17. Great thread support for whack a mod and how does a few SODs sound for a ticket? >:D<
  18. Support
  19. Perfect, support.