2015 ASW: Will a 3-time undefeated champion emerge?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by O_o_____Frog____o_0, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Even though I won't asw, I'll work out with ya Frog..

  2. Sorry ashes, but I think I'll work out with her.


  3. PMSL 
  4. Frog is excited I see lol
  5. Where's the blue?
  6. I prefer no blue. I don't like players who use color to hide lack of writing skills. It also looked like he was trying to pass himself off for a VK.
  7. Funny thread frog! Are all those asw currently still active and roaming around LB?

    I'm happy i have the chance this year to sign up . If i don't get picked there will be tears ! Devs i will hurt you :'( !

  8. Lol I don't know honestly. Hopefully they feel the drive to defend their title just like I do.
  9. You're a frog not a titan lol buddy.
  10. I don't lack writing skills at all and on top of that I actually like having color to my posts. I simply removed it so that people had no reason to complain and I was never trying to pass myself off as a VK at all.
  11. Okay mate. But remember that perception is everything. Whether you meant it or not, that's how it looked.
  12. Yh it's cool frog I appreciate that others may have viewed it that way :) That's the main reason I stopped having the blue color even though I liked it. I don't want others to assume I am a VK or I am trying to be one. I just post in the forums because I enjoy it.

    Either way best of luck frog and I hope you do well :)
  13. No offence but that isn't that great of an achievement, asw wars are usually the same players over again so let's take the winning team of up to 200 (in 2013) and divide it equally into the 8 teams in 2014. That's 25 people who should have won twice, now if the win a third time it should be only 3 which would be an amazing feat
  14. This is about the equivalent of bragging about being first in the Special Olympics.
  16. Sorry mate but 25 didn't win twice, only 4 did. Try reading the thread.

  17. Sorry don't see the connection there, mate. I am basking In your obvious jealousy. 