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  1. @kaw_community
    Why does the hunt have to include a tier where it is only top 5000 who gets the best equipment? Why are the hunts so biased to the people who do b2b rotw or hte? These events are pretty much if you don't pay you will never be in the top leaderboard which gets the best equipment.
  2. Why don't you get dragon eggs For osw?
  3. I beleve the enchantment reset risk for this equiptment may be too hight for the stats of the equiptment.
  4. Oh I almost forgot.

    You never said You gonna make multiple events on the roadmap, because "Spring Event" isn't in plural as you can see. Liars. All if you.

  6. You don't have to participate if you don't want to. Stop complaining.
  7. No more whining and I mean it 
  8. I for one have no complaint.
    I like free stuff.
    Considering no one has to pay unless they want to for anything in this game, i just Dont understand what the big deal is.
    If you Dont wanna collect then Dont still wars still pvp it didnt go anywhere
  9. I wonder what would happen if devs take off ebs one day. People will complain when they tell the PvP players to stop complaining.
  10. I'm really sick of all these events...I have a very busy life and cannot afford to spend so much of it trying to collect **** in a narrow time limit by jumping between clans and doing nothing but b2b hte.

    I started playing this game because I could do it on my time - I could spend time in a clan, hit EBs when I felt like it, spend periods of time searching for a certain equipment but that was all on my time.

    With all these ******* back to back events, I never win anything cuz I have a life and can't hunt items 24/7, and I feel like a loser, all the time.

    It makes me want to seriously stop playing.

    Not participating isn't even an option because every clan will now do nothing but b2b hte, since that's the one you guys make $ off of, of course it has the highest drop rate.

    Please just let me do my regular EBs, let me get my banner drops andmy scrolls and my aqua and inferno without having to compete against everyone else -- AND LOSE
  11. No one is making u hunt eggs just do what u have always done. Duh.
  12. ^true think as it as a bonus.
  13. whiners

    Lol ^^ nobody is forcing you to do these "dumb events" there are plenty clans not participating..sooo why are you whining? I'm not gonna win either, I don't expect to win 1st, I don't rly care, set ur expectations low then you won't be disappointed :) taa daa
  14. Eragon is better 
  15. Could devs explain when they will reward loyalty?
    I shall not pay to play for this event.
    I shall not drop ebs to decrease my growth harming the clan I am in.
    I shall not leave my clan to hunt.

    I will help them complete hard ebs and any other demands they ask of me at any time.
    I will help my clan mates grow by doing these ridiculously long ebs that require teamwork and effort.
    If I need to hit someone  I will 

    So what that means is unless you sacrifice growth you do not gain eggs.
    Unless I pay to play or sponge off those that do I cannot grow or receive enough eggs even to gain chestplate. ( which will just cause agro anyway no doubt )
    And by helping my clan pursuing growth and hard ebs, by being part of a team of loyal we are punished by this system.
    Surely amore even reward system should be based on the number of actions not just the value of the dollar or the amount of clan hopping or the amount of growth sacrificed.

    Rewards based on actions devs. Regardless of what that action is would have many players interested in pursuing these events as everyone would be included. ( all actions not just eb actions. Include everyone rather than excluding some. )
    It would reward clan loyalty thus reinforcing the community and strengthingthe playerbase of the game. Clans with high activity working together on the hardest ebs or osw whatever could be included and rewarded.
    It would encourage players to xtal in pvp and seal in ebs if they get higher actions counted towards their tally of whatever event.
    There would be far less complaints as no one would be excluded regardless of how they play.
    And above all give us the freedom of choice as to whether we wish to chase the equipment. State it's stats upfront ( make it desirable ) and many of us will want to achieve it. Most probably many of those on this list would go for it if they knew it was worthwhile and worth their investment, regardless of game style play.

    I understand that devs want to move away from pvp but this option needs to be included. Pay to play ebs can carry a higher reward as an incentive. (2x action reward )
    Xtals could have a static amount of extra egg drops rewarding their use in system and off sytem play and encourage real spending.

    Do these few simple changes and many would most likely support you and these events.
    Without them I would predict far more complaints and resentment at what is perceived as a cash grab that excludes player requests for inclusion in real terms in these events.
  16. I agree with action based event.. That's a real challenge then all the sealers would have to actually hit a more difficult eb and actually try for thier win instead of just buying it.. I love the action idea.. If that were the case different people would be in the top running I have done tsg and ss since this event started .. If it were based on actions then tsg ss and ts clans would be ahead of the sealers.. That seems more challenging instead of whoever has the most cash wins..
  17. You guys dont even understand what you are asking for. You will make it even easier for money people to win this. Instead of throwing seals they will max xtal instead. Either way you are screwed. Keep whining.
  18. How do you think you will beat people that spend money? Either start spending or stop moaning.
  19. It's not even about beating them it's giving more of a challenge.