2014 Dragon Melee Results

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  1. The breastplate will nv go to lvl10 or further...this is terrible setting....I don't understand what you awards 20 aqua and inferno, ppl wasted more than hundred to enhance the equips..don't u feel shame kaw?
  2. Yeah, the equipment has been so bad I decided not to pursue eggs and what do u do? Actually give something decent out. Go figure. Forget ALL your events from here on. Plus was in osw for over half of but nothing still for pvp.
  3. I never received my rewards yet
  4. Well congrats to those who participated. Devs...DO SOMETHING ELSE BEFORE RUNNING ANOTHER HUNT!!!
  5. S-s-s-s-summer promo 
  6. I want my eggs to hatch a dragon!!!! All these eggs nd no dragon? Jus mean to tease me so lol
  7. This **** is stupid because everyone who does and participates in these thing should at least get some equipment or seals or horns for the eb's
  8. If to answer everyones questions if KAW grows i dont know but there is a game i do know what grows and is called Clash of Clans they make about 100 billion every 12 months
  9. I got 5497.. How come I only got equip for 4500 tier?? The next tier was 5k which I passed.
  10. It was Top 5000 collectors, not those who collected 5000 eggs.
  11. Lol nemesis...

    It was top 5000 players. Not 5000 eggs
  12. When is next event i like them it gives noobs a chance of getting rewards, also you don't have to give equipment each event just give more than one health crystals, horns, seals, aqua, inferno anything. That is of you think your are giving people to OP armor.
  13. I haven't got my rewards yet.
  14. If you keep post-farming like that, Beast, a mod might get mad.
  15. When will you devs take away the eggs? i dont want them to hatch :( not ready to be a dragon rider :'(