2014 ASW Roster Stats

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  1. Actually if u had over 110k battle wins and 23-24mil cs. You would be ranked in the top 10k overall barely.

    I may be one of those old players that have reached 3 years but am unranked cause I did resets and other stupid stuff during my time. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. My cs is higher than your projected cs, my battle wins are less, my ally value is higher by about 500b and my play time is also less. Anyone who knows me well knows i dont spam crystals that i am just super active. I made asw and participated, how do my stats calculate in? I was ranked 131 in the clan i was placed. Just curious as you seem to have done a lot of legitimate research and number crunching. Is the cs or ally value that important?
  3. On a side note, you state 40mill cs exist but im unable to find, good research n stats though. Ty for the info.
  4. @panda Redstar is 40mcs
  5. Great job on this thread! You back everything up with researched facts
  6. I have 120b in allies, i am 18.5mil cs.
    And i am #9394 in overall and #6544 in valuable.
  7. Good point Rikkimaru…. Yes, the 950B ally value needs to be market price allies, providing roughly 19M in bonus from ally stats.

    -AoW_Nideus_AoW-….. looks like you are 25.2M cs, 157k battle wins and 1.6T hire value. My guess is your higher cs (vs. 20Mcs cutoff) and greater hire value (vs 1.2T cutoff) offset your lower than average BWs. How’d you do it? It looks like you joined in May 2013, only 397 days ago. This means you’ve done on average 395 BWs/day which as I state is quite possible given ‘normal’ activity. You just must have grown much quicker than most, a product of your pure eb build with no static defense. Given the absence of ee war badges or equipment, and near maxed promo badges, it appears you are a heavy eb / growth oriented player. :D

    VamPanda….. regarding 40Mcs players, I only looked at these two teams, let alone the other 6 ASW teams or those LB players who chose not to sign up. Of these two teams, 7 of the combined top 20 have cs above 38M. Of these 7, one was 40.6M, another 39.9M and another 39.7M.
  8. I was #9,006 at time of matchup.. have all pro packs roughly 18 mil cs 200k battle wins and 46 mil bfa. And was cr#150 in purple eagles
  9. This thread is very informative.
    Just wondering - what would happen if you don't have as many stats or battle wins as those people there, but you have heavy BFA? Like at least 2tril in Allies. Could you make the cut even with the other disadvantages?
  10. You didn't include any nobility points spent. That's a huge factor also.
  11. Nice thread, many in my clan were eligible but couldn't war due to conflicting schedules or unable to invest that amount time to war. Hopefully future ASW will keep this in mind.
    Personally Id like to see an invite only event that is based upon top performing individuals in regular clan EE. It's easy to run stats to get the top contributors during an EE season.
  12. Op,can iget a break down of mine...blue wolves baby '14
  13. Also HTE allows you to make 10x more profit than pre EB era
  14. Great post rad. Bump
  15. I guess that I am one of the newbies qualifying for ASW. Got my 120-day achievement 428 days ago which is about as close to 1.5 years that you can get. Last cr in Green Wyverns was #146 which is pretty close to the bottom 10 in a clan of 157 eventually. For the record, we started with 159, one pulled out before the first war and we got dev to kick another out. And I play quite actively in a 'small' clan that only recently manages to do haunts regularly and considers completing FOD as an achievement. Only used xtals given by KAW and don't do much HTE. Only started warring around Nov last year.

    I just managed to squeeze into the top 8k recently and I'm sure you others can do as well.

    Thanks to devs for organizing this ASW which I frankly thought I would not even be able to participate.
  16. Join date in the forums might be misleading, because many older players are actually using younger accounts. For example accounts that did the four reset bonuses like mine probably showed joined the later half of 2011, while in reality I joined the summer of 2010.