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  1. i want my hamburger trophy
  2. DOOM
  3. Well, I can be vampiric today. No sunlight lol
  4. Congrats on the win DOOM! 
  5.  Was awesome playing with so many dedicated KaWers ... Team doom was well organized and everybody was focused  Thanks to all our opponents for making it a good hard fight !!
  6.  Congratulations Team Doom on a war well fought and well won! Thx to all my fellow warriors of Team War we gave em a fight 
  7. "Harbingers of MOD"  autocorrect / Freudian slip / the truth 
  8. ??Fight was there a fight ??
  9. Pwar was harder lmao
  10. Ty to all of War for a well fought and dedicated war....you made us work hard for every piece of gold we could get. Much respect to all of you. Ty for fighting with honor Respect!!!
  11. Congrats to Doom. Lots of issues with the asw but winning is what counts so congrats
  12. @Dapp. If you really believe that a pwar was harder that explains why you are so hurt by your clans loss. Most of them fought with honor and dignity. Not trying to find excuses for what happened, but fighting til the end regardless of how things looked.

    As stated before on different occasions. If the fact that a pure spy got stripped during a war. Maybe you should turn your anger towards the osf(s) that brought allies to a war and then went afk. Respect to Retribution for a well fought war well. Most of you I guess lol.
  13. Congrats to all my team mates in DOOM We fought together, we fought well, it was a huge team effort from all. Special attention should go to the spy and hansel builds who don't get enough credit or reward(mithril) for their tireless effort of keeping people pinned. DM
  14. 
  15. Team Doom
    Lets do it again next year
  16. @ vortas I was there untill the end lol and who thought with honour ?