2012 All Star War - Results & Updates

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    There will be an appeal process.

    Also, if real life issues came up, it makes perfect sense to do that instead. However, you should not be getting rewards for not participating.
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    my question still hasnt been addressed. can we clear this up?
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    This will not be a set in stone list we are creating. We are using our own metrics to determine who was inactive. If someone was on the list which should not be, we will then let the admins vouch for them to remove them for the list. Details will come soon. If everything works perfectly (miracles can happen!), this process will not be used at all.

    This was randomly generated, and it wasn't until the rosters were locked that we realize this. We agree that this should have been looked at ahead of time, and will make sure this is in place for future events.
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    We are using a unique set of metrics to determine active players vs inactive players. It will take into account players who were able to keep themselves pinned.
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    TEaM DOOM
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    This is non sense all members that participated in the ASW no matter what plunder should receive the reward they were supposed to be given. they might have self pinned on them all war so little plunder not fair at all!. u cant just go and say ur not going to reward people because they didnt earn enough.
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    Thanks you Kaw for taking the time to listen to people's complaints and fixing them. Nice to see these issues being dealt with.
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    kaw_admin, would you give serious consideration to a proposal by several of the forumers to publish the [amount of plunder leak to the enemy] vs [the plunder he earned]? This would be a fairer way to assess a player's contribution as opposed to successful actions or plunder alone. We had several members having the onerous task of pinning clan mates and should not be penalized. I am from Retribution. Thank you.
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    Please pay attention

    that is the answer to your question
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    Good to see you are looking at adjustments where they should be made. Agree that people who did not participate should not be rewarded, but as has been said by many others, there were some who were assigned sweeping and pinning our inactives to plug leaks. Their contribution was very important to our maintaining a lead throughout the war. We lost but not because any of them dropped the ball. Future asw should insist that people assigned to a team fight with that team. We are brought together for that purpose- we should be expected to leave our clan allegiances at the door when we enter and to support our new teammates. I thoroughly enjoyed that opportunity.
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    thz for making these change. Hope activity will be determine by number of action in war and not plunder.
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    And yes- thank you for listening and doing your best to address the issues discussed here.
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    Go Devs :D
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    Devs with a 200 participant system war why can't you develop better game metrics that will not allow 1 crooked spy to ruin the war!!! This happens time and again any YOU can fix it!! 1 player should not be able to leak 2000hits in 10min as happened within Conquest. I know how to open a spy build but this is now a damn plunder war!!!!!
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    That is going to happen when you have PURE SPIES WITH ALLIES... It will turn into a plunder war. I have heard enough about this topic, and quite frankly i don't care whether he sold his building or is/isn't an alt. **** happens...
  16. Whoa - I was pleasantly surprised with kaw_admin's responses until this post. I have a hard time swallowing the probability of this occurrence.
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    Why is everyone whining about the mods? They don't get special stuff that helps them in wars, they're just normal players!
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    There's a bigger picture your not seeing.
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    I just don't think you're "bigger picture" is true. Mods are normal players too, and don't have any significant advantage over other players. It was pointed out to me they have an advantage because they know game mechanics, however EVERYONE in the ASW should know game mechanics. Also, the only reason we won the ASW that had to do with mods was wulf's strategy. Our clan was just more active than other clans, and can't blame that on the devs
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    People are actually mad that devs won't give out rewards to people who did nothing? The majority of the people in this war dont exactly qualify as "all-stars" anyways. Even if you were a top plunder earner, you got it by hitting a lot of people who've probably never warred in their whole kaw career. Congrats. Might as well save those ASW badges for the next go around.

    Right on ATA for addressing the problems.