2011 Time Capsule

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  1. Hi! Michael here! Old time player starting fresh! Pretty excited.. 2 year kawiversary coming up..
  2. KAWers of the future:
    Don't give up.
    Don't give farmers links,
    And most importantly,

    Don't Forget How To War.

    that is all.

    ~ LT
  3. Its not spamming Its giving the people of the future what they want 
  4. Though I haven't been here long, I'm REALLY enjoying this game! Beware, it is very addictive though! I've tried playing this game in the past, but I didn't stick with it and I'm sad I didn't. I'm falling in love with this game and can see myself still playing for years and years to come. Best to luck to anyone who is just starting to get into this game! Hope you'll find a nice group of friends to play with like I did!

    On a side note, be active on the forums :)
  5. Yawn... still playing Virtual KAW? Our technology is lacking we are still playing on Pixels, Im playing on an iphone pretty good technology, it has facetime!!! we can talk to other people whilst seeing them in real time how cools that? I'll probably be dead when you read this but revive me from here so I can play again...

  6. we got dem mwars alright.
  7. and this was posted by an alt to find it on comp :p
  8. Just revive the thread lol.. So all can read what u guys posted 2 years ago :mrgreen:
  9. There is some really old stuff in here. Some of which is pretty accurate 
  10. 'Hopefully you guys arent having mwars' lol
  11. Post 64 = the rise of hte haha
  12. Hey Tyees!!!! Long time no see :D
  13. We didn't all die in 2012 either. WE MADE IT!!! Everyone hi 5 yourselves.
  14. Lol look at page 3 on the bottom someone wanted to place bets on how next update would screw kaw, well look at hunts n ee
  15. I looked at page 3 and it reminded me I need duct tape and mouthwash. I am eternally grateful for you...