2011 Time Capsule

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  1. I'll Fightyou for it
  2. *fight you.
  3. AYIYIYIYAH *karate chops you*
  4. I know KaWrate 
  5. Use your KaWnscious.
  6. @Future me.

    What the hell are you still doing playing this? You must be on your 100th attempt to quit by now! You fail -.-'
  7. Are u still alive or did we all die in 2012
  8. Yo, future KaW:
    Wat up newbs? T5 out yet? It prob was crazy. Do ya guys remember pws? Ahaha they'll pretty much be ancient history by the u read this.
    Best of Luck,
    |_sOmEdAy_| <3
  9. Will all you future KaW'rs ever see this thread?
  10. I'm praying to God you guys don't have SuperHugeNoFarmingRuleOrInstaBanAndOutlaw or SuperHugeNoobyPwars.

    If you do have those, I'll murder you all myself :mad:

    We PWNED PWs but I hope you didn't recreate them >:U
  11. it's the future already sice yesterday DANG
  12. Eminem
  13. Xtreme as a suggestion: you should "lock" this time capsule, and put it away until a certain date. When you feel it's ready. 
  14. What do you mean?

    Devs said they're putting it in best of
  15. Dear all future KaWcaine addicts,

    Hard to quit, isn't it? Probably impossible. You should've listened to all the (fail) trolls telling you to "leave noob." Or at least when you saw how the forums are. I hopefully won't be around when you read this. Hopefully, when you try to click on my name, it'll be invalid. Oh, dreams. I wonder what the devs will do with the game soon. Mithril just came out. Like 2 days ago. Well, have fun.

    -babyguy, KaWcaine addict
  17. BUNCHIES FTW!!!!!
  18. Dear future,
    My generation will be remembered as the pwar generation
    The one before that was the golden generation
    The one before that was the first generation
    The generation now is the eb generation
    What is you're generation going to be