2011 Time Capsule

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  1. The hospital room will cost you 500 dolla 
  2. For future kaw,

    Never forget pwars and what we had to go thru
  3. Dear KaW later

    Drink alot of juice

    Apple juice :) it helps your immune system
  4. The green repeat button of epicness. And a cookie.
  5. **** the repeat button
  6. Um mr dragon dude. Why are you hating on the amazing green button? That saves me much time? Twf man
  7. Dear future KaW, idk wtf the devs are gonna do next. The war system is a little bit messed up, everyone's peaceful without war attacking NAP's and that's all I have to say. :lol:
  8. Dragon

    Y U SO STOOPID!!!
  9. I said the word that starts with r, not the one that starts with f
  10. INB4BESTOF!!!

    Anyways, guys, regretting doing something only brings youself down. You only live once.
  11. "R"??  me iz confuzzled draggy...
  12. Ohhhhhhhh you meant **** >_>...??
  13. Lol it's censored... silly me.
  14. Dear future kaw,

    Do The Haunting all day errday until a new epic battle comes out that pays better and has items that pay ridiculously. Until then, go home and be a ghostbusting man. *Guile's theme plays*

    Dear future me,

    I left the "you know what" in the backyard. I hope you know what I mean, because I sure as hell don't.
  15. Dear Future KaW,
    What's KaW look like now? Does it still consist of EB's and Mithril Wars? Have people found a way to bring pwars back? I sure hope not! Well enjoy future KaW :)

  16. Dear future KaW,

    I'm better than you.
  17. Come on guys, let's get this to 100plus posts before the devs put it in best of.

    Btw to all you fail trolls, I asked the devs to put it in best of and they said they would whenever I asked <3
  18. Btw this is such an original idea!