2011 Time Capsule

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  1. Hey future!!

    I probabky quit by now. Bai!!
  2. Also, future kaw if u r reading this.Die die die!This is our game!
  3. This is what I give to the future:

    Be glad that Bieber and Black don't torment your dreams.
  4. Dear Future Me,

    Reminder: Duct tape and mouthwash
  5. Dear future,


    That is all.
  6. Dear future, if u have a time machine. Go back to a bad night at the bieber house,make sure u have a gun or knife
  7. Dear future, please get everyone in your time to not whine as much as 2011 hahah.
  8. Dear Future Me,

    Remember to call ACN a noob daily. Also. Read this every day so you don't forget. Anyway. Have a good future me!

    Sincerely, 2011 DTDD.
  9. Dear future are ebs still around
  10. Dear future,

    The world didn't end in 2012, right?
  11. Dear Future,


  12. IM AWESOME 

    But seriously, I'm a forum regular who hopefully will still be around by the time I check this thread again...
  13. Were in the future!!! (3 mins have passed since last post, Mel I hate you)

  14. 34 posts already? Jeez..
  15. Keep posting ppl! Don't let it die!
  16. I'm sorry XTREME but I'm afraid we're losing it 




  17. *beep*

  18. Seinfeld: "How do like them apples, Eileen?"

    Eileen: "I'm loving it, Jerry!"

    Kramer: "Yea, Jerry! Just like that!"

    *Door Opens*

    Newman: "HI JERRY!"

    Seinfeld: "Awe, Newman!"