+200m atk equipment

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  1. Hi just came back to kaw after many years.

    Where can I get equipments that add 200-300m attack state? I know one is from the legends(blade of the procession). I see a lot of other people have other equipments(such as off-hand) that adds as much. How do I get them? or is it still possible with non-cash player?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Each series of legends will award equipment for different slots. Just wait, you'll get more good equipment from legends. Additionally, some ebs drop equipment, but that stuff isn't very good. If you war, you can buy other equipment with mithril, but again, it isn't very good.
  3. The vast majority are from Legends, each major one generally has a piece for a different slot. Hitting the higher levels however is going to be a grind without premium eb's.
  4. Thanks for replying.

    For the legends, once u fail, there won't be a second chance to try again?

    Are there some guides on legends so that I can be aware of not to start legends that I'm currently unable to complete?
  5. Legends are only available at all during the timer that is listed. Failing them just means the timer ran out. There is no way to redo a legend that has expired. Old legends are completely done with, and new legends have no warning or guide with them except sometimes a dev posts a description on forums.

    Edit: you can't not-start a legend. Unless you don't do anything at all with them. You have to start all available legends before you can view the status of ongoing legends.
  6. The percentage based ones like abyss sword can be great.
  7. Re: 200m atk equipment

    Like everything is 200 these days except for helmet ...keep hitting events and in a couple mo thd you will be good to go
  8. Yeah, 200m isn't too much of a milestone anymore I'm afraid. Give it a few weeks and you'll be there :)
  9. Also ehm... Sorry but how do you not know this if your banner says you're an alt of your owner who's 550mcs?

  10. Well he claimed that he came back after quite a number of years in original post
  11. Well yeah, but said main has multiple recent event eq's equipped, nor was 550mcs something you could easily reach a number of years ago, so it seems like a bit of a weird question to me, nothing else :)