2 Pea's in a pod

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RS-roni-RS, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Shift3r has already volunteered to take me under his wing .And thankyou antelope i do try my best to deliver!
  2. As you can tell I really got under roni's skin when i called it a man a few days ago
  3. Is this me you're talking about? Or is there another Bax out there i'm not aware of...
  4. Hi Bax- yes i meant you.And shift3r i cant even recall you calling me a man.But for everytime you do from here on out .i will call you a lager lout . And we will see who get's under whose skin.
  5. That has a nice jingle too it
  6. What does a pea in a pod mean? Flattered to get a mention  thank u
  7. I'm not aware of the person that's meant to be the other pea in my pod ?
  8. Who's my pod twin, Roni?
  9. Todd bacon. According to op
  10. My two peas in the pod are joined at the hip an I'm not one to compare to others but I think johnshaft an itburnswhenIpvp are a lot alike compared to pipes no whips an no chains jus str8 tapping button action (Disclaimer: no offense intended jus a play on words.)
  11. Who's mine roni?
  12. There's only one me :)
  13. Absolute idiocy

  14. Way to point out the obvious you dribbling mess, but it's quite clear that I don't know who Todd Beacon is.
  15. ...wtf is Bax_ ? I don't think that ToddBacon guy plays anymore (as awesome as he was/is)

  16. Who's my match plez *moon face*
  17. Roni's posts are amusing. Stop commenting on forum posts pls
  18. Wolf loves this 
  19. Alt of the exact nub mentioned.
  20. I like peas.