2 Options-A Forum Game

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  1. 2 options

    I bring you a new forum game. The rules are simple,Just post any two options who most people fight over or are contradictory and the next person who comments will choose his option and give two more options.The options could be simple words such as mango or banana or statements.

    I will start.
    Would you Eat a tablespoon of salt or Eat a tablespoon of cinnamon.?
  2. I would rather eat a tablespoon of cinnamon. Would you rather chew the gum off of a stranger's shoe or lick the floor of a public restroom?
  3. Thats just nasty

    But I guess I will take the chewing gum

    Would you rather marry my ex-wife, OR sit in a dark room listening to the narwhal commercial for 1 year solid?


  4. I'll take da wife (hopefully hot)

    Would you rather have your jimmy snap or would have one of your big toes cut off?
  5. Toe cut off lmao.
    Wouls you rather make out with your cousin or with your mother?
  6. Toe cut off lmao.
    Would you rather make out with your cousin or with your mother?
  7. My cousin would you rather eat a pile of crap or drink a dogs pee
  8. Would u rather read awful forum posts like this or watch ur troops regen?
  9. Read Awful forum posts and laughed about it.

    Would you have fun in kaw or be serious in everything about it?
  10. Whoever will reply serious,

    I have a question for you.

    "Why so Serious ?
  11. Have fun in kaw

    Methamphetamine or Ganja?
  12. Methamphetamine only for medical purposes.

    Would you choose a Man or Woman? 
  13. Depends for what but i guess a woman lol

    Would you rather have mental or physical prowess?
  14. Mental

    Would you rather be able to travel back in time or go forward into the future?
  15. Back in time.

    Would you take a $500 cash prize or go with what's in the mystery box?
  16. The mystery box.

    Would you rather lose your legs in Nam, or eat a sandwich made of crusty toenail clippings, raw pork, and snail droppings?
  17. Gimme DAT samitch! Would you rather bite the bullet or engage in roleplay with a seemingly gender confused player in kaw?
  18. I would rather attempt to bite the bullet and miss and die.

    Would you rather have asthma that flared up just from walking 3 steps or not be able to talk?
  19. I'd rather not be able to talk

    Would you rather be blind or deaf?
  20. deaf.

    Would you prefer to see Xmen-Apocalypse or Capt' America-Civil war?