1v1? What happened?

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  1. Hi. I am new to forums and have not yet created a thread yet. For all of those who do not know me which is most of you I am _The_Destroyer_. I have been in KaW for several months and everybody is always talking about 1v1. I would like to try 1v1s or 2v2s or 3v3s. Those who are interested wall me or follow me. Sorry if this thread was bad I'm a noob

    Happy KaWing!
  2. look at that. someone who isn't scared to fight another person. thumbs up to OP!
  3. 1v1, get bigger and lets go :geek:
  4. _The_Destroyer_

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    Well, you're a liar....
  5. sorry I don't recall posting 5 times.. They were probably awful too..
  6. probably just replies. but altitude still won.
  7. True.. Lol
  8. @ Altitude How did you even find that?
  9. You me let's go
  10. You still looking or a 1v1?
  11. He said fist thread altitude not just posts :|
  12. He said he was new to forums.
  13. 5 posts is relatively new
  14. Back in 2012.
  15. :roll: interesting pic
  16. *Gif

    Is it pronounced Gif or Jif?