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  1. Pretty sure I was better
  2. You were for some ️ but with a group as large and diverse as the divas, there were a lot of votes submitted
  3. So tell me more about these "divas". This contest was the first I've heard of them; I feel I've been missing something extensive. Like when I first learned about OMETs, or IA.
  4. The divas are just a group of about 125 ladies from kaw.
  5. Congrats to all the weiners! Way to give the ladies a hard time. I'm sure the competition was stiff. But you guys are all straight shooters and you're bad to the bone. Now it's time to celebrate by taking the divas for a helicopter ride so they can get a view of your long landscape! 
  6. #ObviousContestWasCorrupted

  7. Meh Others was better XD
  8. .. How dare you.
  9. Damnit I missed it, been saving my one-piece thing for a special occasion!
  10. Congrats to the wieners - you guys are all studs for entering the competition!!! A bit of stiff competition I must say, but it was a pleasure to take part in the judging! From serious to erhhhhhh ahhhhh... not so serious! Even had one in a blue dress!!! You gentleman rock!!! Hope to have more participants next round ;)
  11. Gotta accept the truth.. :p U werent that bad..
  12. dam, i was left out
  13. Congrats to the winners! This was a tough contest to vote but we thoroughly enjoyed it. We hope more participate next year ;)
  14. Congratulations to the winners. This was tough to judge... There are some very HOT men that play Kaw... Picking the top three was difficult work. Looking forward to next year's applicants photos.
  15. Siah is sexy!!
  16. Please repost all top contest entries for all of us that did not see them.
  17. Thanks to all the guys who participated, I could not believe how difficult it was to choose just three of you. Can't wait til next year!