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  1. Did a 9% br then a 13% but still reads 9% thank you
  2. No, thank you.
  3. No, thank you
  4. I was 13% and now have 9%
  5. Send fb. They like that
  6. No, thank you
  7. No, thank you
  8. Looks like devs gave compensation for completing ambush br 45 hours ago, thanks, but the 9% overrode the tsg br 13% we'd just completed. You should see both in your newsfeed. Please correct!
  9. Your clan completed 'Ambush - Blood Rains' (51 hours ago) and you have been rewarded Blood Rains Plunder Bonus - 9% for your participation! :evil:
  10. crap mod moody locked first thread but devs have yet to do anything about the 9% br i have when i should have 13%
  11. Go look at other threads. Answers aplenty.
  12. Before you go insulting people then maybe educate yourself to avoid looking the fool?

    Dev Response on BR Issues

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.