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    Thnx for the support man
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    Support to this and op
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    Look man, it's great to have more clans iut there wanting to OSW. Just laughing at the post.
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    Oh okay. Thnx.
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    Pretty sure it wasn't a funny post :roll:
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    It will be funny when hes nakey
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    Support, nice clan!
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    Nice strip man.
    Especially funny that I left out a few bil and your minions wasted 200+ stls for it.
    Keep it up.
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    You have no allies
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    Did you bank before or after throwing a tantrum of fail actions in my nf
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    Oh madamemoiselle you best apologize magic is a member of IG.... Hell I couldn't even type that without laughing... Get him imperium an if he did bank get him again
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    Hardout support
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  16. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

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    This ad seems like the whole we'll be the next big clan, we have a council, we'll osw, kind of clan that just dies instantly.
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    IDD Brother King with the fail strip :lol: I'm weak 
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    Did you get silenced for raging ? :lol: also kinda off topic :roll:
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    That clan was short lived
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