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  1. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

    Just like what your ll 'll clan gets ?
  2. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

    How about that ad I made :lol:
  3. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

    Just like YOUR failed EE clan you mean :lol:
  4. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

    I'd rather have a failed EE clan than being the most annoying kid begging people to war
  5. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

    Where 18-3 and beat you with all hybs when you had all tanks 
  6. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

    That moment when hellbound tries to derail a thread...
  7. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

    ?Support ?
  8. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

  9. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

    Great family - Take a step it may be your last
  10. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

    A force to be reckoned with
  11. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

    First of all, it's "we're". 2nd of all I never made an all tank roster. 3rd of all, your record (18-3) is just a dream.
  12. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

    Well this derailed quickly.
  13. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

    cuz op is a joke
  14. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

    Best of luck imperium, it's always good to see more osw clans and alliances just hope it works out for y'all
  15. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

    Ty for all the support  got are first target hell bound as well 
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  17. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

    Your laughing but sitting in IG ....
  18. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

    Keen observation!

    I can already tell you guys are going to go far!
  19. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

    Plat- zip it bro.
  20. Re: ḯღ℘εяḯʊღ

    Is hellbound really trying to trash someone ? :roll: also support to any clan wanting to do osw
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