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  1. Hgl please do not kick me....this is against HGL policy to post on forums but we have an issue devs!!!!!

    Today's war we like always struggle to sit players out and make the Max number ..if 45 is the max we have to sit out so many players its unfair same with 60 player wars

    Today the issue has come about where we were deciding which 45 we would use out of so many players so we waited until the last minute of course....two admins signed up at the exact same time making one forfeit the war!!!! Yes we had to veil at last minute to make the 45 limit but we successfully joined war and the forfeit was a mistake obviously and we got no matchup,,,#1 clan in Kaw lot of money spent in this clan devs...look at how many seconds between the time admin joined war and another admin was indenting to join war and accidentally forfeited...

    At this very moment my screen still says I will be matched up ??????

    HGL leaders spend a lot of time trying to build up a war team...A LOT OF TIME!!! When so many people dedicate themselves to a time that will not happen it is no good!!!

    I spend money that I work hard for!!! I'm not alone!!!!!
  2. That's what I was gonna say 
  3. Wow that sucks sorry to hear >..<

    Also ouch for sure 
  4. I mean at least send a message to admins or owner or something ...respond to the community that pays you real money from the sweat of our backs...we came to war today and got screwed...a loophole in the system not Hgl admin mistake ...it's really all because devs think u have to keep reducing amount of players aloud to participate in war...why should top notch clans have to sit half their players out to war? Yes the big osw has Kaw in an estoc war conundrum but regardless of that Hgl signed up for war in time today and got screwed
  5. It's no big deal HGL is bigger than my rant...i just hate to see my fellow clan members disappointed...sorry to disturb Kaw community and HGL
  6. At least you put in in the right section and have informed mods 
  7. This happened to us last week, but a different scenario, we didn't plan on warring that day and then someone accidentally signed us up. Then he withdrew and it still said we were gonna be matched up.
  8. Sunshine has already chewed my behind for not being humble about this : ( ...HGL takes pride in the fact that we are a neutral peaceful clan that can still maintain high war standards...we attract high end guests (friends) to our ranks as a result....and we have let them down today due to this loophole in the double last minute sign up...please HGL and friends forgive this mistake
  9. I have a screen shot that still says 31 minutes until matchup I'm not near pc to post...I personally had to veil anyways..we had 47 to war and had to rush to veil the last 2 with minutes to spare and successfully joined war at last minute ( simultaneously forfeiting) yes indeed this alternatively can be a viewed as a miscommunication of admins within clan as we raced to try to reduce down to 45 members not veiled to participate but regardless we should not be pressured to do so...it's all about the OSW...i am not allowed by HGL to comment on the OSW because HGL has many friends on both sides..Please forgive me for this minor comment..I will simply say this...please ZAFT and apocalypse members lets us find peace in this war and let us restore to our former glory...we all know the unconventional start of the war that is not to be mentioned here and we all know that most of the best players In Kaw are tied into an osw that is hindering estoc wars and matchups for all of Kaw...this is the age of estoc...u can choose to believe or not...this osw has forced the devs to minimize and limit on how many can join war and this does not have to be so...let us find peace my friends
  10. Btw Less than 20 clans warring estoc today I hear...I'm not sure if that is true or not but if it is that is a clear sign its time to make a change somewhere...I dont claim to know where that change may need to come but somewhere it must come...top notch osw clans joining estoc wars is the only solution I can think of other than a crazy bracketed tier system..still need clans that can produce the numbers to meet the higher tier requirements so back to osw clans joining estoc wars solution..I guess new alliances will have to be formed to compensate for now....


    Until this osw can find peace

    We cannot punish clans for having high activity...this is no longer a matchup issue so stop reducing the number members aloud to join... This is a Kaw wide osw issue that we as a community can solve by forming alliances ...not much the devs can do to solve this..it's up to the community....let us join together !!!!!!!!
  11. He posted with his main! Respect level: Over 9000!  But, sorry man. That does suck... :(
  12. I think that devs should make 3 lvl of war 30-45 war , 45-65 and 70 to 100. Price can be different due to which level you had taken. With that small and big war clan can fight fair with their level without whining.
  13. Locked as per request op
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