100 man indi lowland wars

Discussion in 'Wars' started by BobRoss, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. Its called sarcasm. The 100 v 100 indi wars was laYness by devs on the weekends. anyone with a fully functioning brain would never want to see them return.....let alone 100 man wave advantage wars lol
  2. I have. You seem to think that clicking other players in this game is really hard compared to ebs, and I agree since there is no repeat button. This game has a really low skillcap though. Now are you so tiny after four years because you like to hit new players? Yes or no question.. you really can't give a straight answer?
  3. It was pretty funny and well written satire, I agree.
  4. A War Chief could not do that. I'm sorry, but just these lowland wars are hard on War Chiefs.I would do 30 on each side Max, unless it's like old estoc wars.
  5. Please make this happen, even if only regular 100 man
  6. 100 is greats but they are easy to have mole ...... Jus saying , overall it's fun
  7. I can track 100 mans perfectly, but I have to set up 5 groups 1-20 20-40 40-60 etc. Its fairly easy...
  8. Well ASW 200 vs 200 IWars must be around the corner lol